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DNC 2016: Things Get Gassy With Kensington-Based Protesters on Day 3

Protests took a gassy turn on Day Three of the Democratic National Convention (DNC). While some wide-eyed protesters accosted reporters and delegates as they passed by the chain link fences leading into the Wells Fargo Center, Kensington-based activist Cheri Honkola, former running mate of Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, invited protesters to a bean dinner to express their disdain for the current political system by letting some farts rip outside AT&T station.

/Ptah Gabrie

Cheri Honkola getting the crowd into the protest./Ptah Gabrie

The event was called a “fart-in” and had gained national attention after Stephen Colbert mentioned it on “The Late Show.” According to a source in the DNC Host Committee, even Chairman of the Committee and former Governor Ed “Fast Eddie” Rendell had something to say about the protest.

“Hopefully for the sake of everyone’s olfactory senses, this attempt at gastrointestinal malevolence ultimately proves to be more melodious than malodorous.”

Spirit News was there as protesters gathered along Broad Street at the heavily guarded entrance to AT&T station. A makeshift serving station was set up and protesters began serving up platters of baked beans and rice and beans. Whoopie cushions were also distributed to get the sound of flatulence going. Honkola loudly enticed the crowd to come join her and show that the system stinks by stinking up the humid air this reporter, the protesters and about 20 police officers were breathing.

“I live in Kensington, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Pennsylvania,” Honkola said.

/Ptah Gabrie

/Ptah Gabrie

Honkola, who has spent time as an election fraud monitor in El Salvador, told the crowd what she’s seeing in this election cycle is far worse than what was happening during her stay in South America.

“What happens here in this country in terms of elections is ten times worse than what I saw in El Salvador,” Honkola said. “So today we’re eating our beans and showing that it stinks. We want you to rip, roar and let it loose.”

One reporter asked if Honkola was wearing a diaper and if she was afraid of sharting. “I should be wearing a diaper, but I’m not,” Honkola said. “Sharting is always a potential consequence, but we have napkins over there.”

The sound of flatulence intensified as a group of people holding pro-Clinton signs passed by and the bean eaters and began a chant of their own. The situation became tense for a moment, but settled as the Clinton supporters continued past.

/Ptah Gabrie

/Ptah Gabrie

Honkola claimed delegates were going to come out from inside the convention to greet the protesters. However Honkola told the crowd that the delegates were tied up inside by law enforcement and security and were not able to leave.

Inside the DNC, America was introduced to Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, and President Obama gave an empowering speech to his party about Clinton’s qualifications and the importance of this election.

Tonight is the final Night of the DNC, stay tuned for more coverage tomorrow.

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