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Accu-Reggie 7 Day Forecast (June 7, 2017 – June 13, 2017)

It’s finally here! Summer arrives this week! After a rainy and cool spring, summer is ready to make an appearance. Last week was decent, but the rainy finish was a little cruel. This week we will welcome our second heat wave of the “warm season.”

This week is going to be way better than last week. We will be at a minimum of 80 degrees for most of the daytime hours and our shots at rain are weak chances. We may get a shower on Wednesday, and there could be one on Friday as well, but these are minor threats in an otherwise dry picture. The big news this week is what happens on the weekend. Starting Sunday, the 90s return as the pattern, which has been directing our weather out of Canada, does a huge about-face and begins to bring up warmth from the South. We will be sitting under the direct influence of this surging warmth, and it’s not going to be a dry heat. It’s going to be full-fledged summer muggies! Get the AC out if you haven’t already!

Accu-June4-02Wednesday starts the week off on a sour note. It is going to be cool and cloudy as the remnants of the last rainstorm wrap around and sit in the Northeast. Staying in the 60s in June is quite impressive.

Thursday is a day of improvement. Temperatures nudge into the 70s and the sun makes at least some appearances.

Friday is warmer and absolutely beautiful. I have to mention a shower chance, but I’m only half committed to that idea; don’t even worry about it.

If you like 85-degree weather with plenty of sunshine, you are going to love Saturday! The heat wave slams us on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as temperatures each day climb into the 90s. If you are working or playing outdoors, please stay hydrated. This is going to be our first real bout with serious summer heat! Thunderstorms may arrive in the evening on Tuesday with a cooldown soon to follow.

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