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Amtrak Window Damage: Projectile Thought To Be Rock

According to 6ABC, an Amtrak train was struck by some object while traveling through the Riverwards. Investigators are now saying that the object in question was, more likely than not, only a rock.

The train, Amtrak’s Northbound Express 2222, was traveling from Washington D.C. to New York when the window was struck. It was reported at 6:55 PM. Following the incident, the train was parked at Metropark Station in Iselin, NJ, where inspectors searched for further damage. Nothing was found. Photos of the incident showed a gouge in the window, flanked by a ring of crushed glass, surrounded by a halo of hairline cracks.

Brooklynite passenger Taylor Lorenz told 6ABC that there was, “all of a sudden […] a really loud boom. When it hit, it was sort of a thump, like someone had slammed down a tray table really hard or dropped a stack of books. It wasn’t really clear what it was or where it had come from.”

The passenger sitting next to the window in question, Harlem resident Reginald Osborne, told 6ABC that the glass was cracked, not shattered, “but you could see where it left an imprint like a bullet.” The windows, according to Amtrak, meet the Federal Railroad Administration’s standards of reinforcement.

The incident took place near the site of last May’s fatal Amtrak derailment, where 8 people died. Incidentally, the trains involved in that tragedy were hit by projectile not long before the derailment occurred. However, this train faced no similar fate.

Of the 201 passengers riding during the time of the incident, none were injured, and the train arrived safely and without further incident at Penn Station, its final destination, at 8PM.

Riders at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station told 6ABC that the incident did not make them fear for their safety when traveling on trains.

Lisa Schweitzer of Glen Mills, PA told 6ABC, “You really can’t live your life worried about such things and the probability of such things tend to be so small. I really do feel safe.”

In a similar sentiment, Joshua Buitrago of Lancaster, PA, told 6ABC that “[t]here are just things that are out of everyone’s control. Hopefully, people understand that and don’t cause too much of a fuss.”

Full article at 6ABC
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