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Awesometown Housing Development in Fishtown Receives Platinum LEED Certification

  Awesometown, the newest mixed-income housing project by developer Postgreen Homes, is now officially LEED Platinum Version 4 certified. The collaboration between Postgreen and the New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) has been in the works since early 2014. One of the primary goals set by Postgreen was to be awarded LEED Platinum certification. The development earned the certification through its utilization of green roofs, triple pane windows, roof terraces, super insulated walls and roofs, Energy Star HVAC, and more modern eco-capabilities.

  Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is the primary ratings system for design, construction, maintenance, and operation of buildings in the world. Awesometown’s platinum rating is the highest possible rating, placing it among the most eco-friendly developments in the US.


Awesometown/Patrick Clark

 Even more impressive is the fact that Awesometown is the first LEED for Homes v4 Platinum project not just in Philadelphia, but in all of Pennsylvania.

 “Most builders and developers are choosing not to adopt the new version of LEED yet as it is stricter and more difficult to attain the highest level of certification,” Chad Ludeman, President of Postgreen Homes, explained. “We’ve hit LEED Platinum in the past, but this one is that much more special and definitely was a challenge.”

 The NKCDC played a large part in Awesometown’s creation by providing financial support to qualified buyers in four of the development’s 14 units. Postgreen and the NKCDC had the shared goal of wanting to bring mixed-income housing to Fishtown in order to prevent gentrification from displacing longtime residents. The market-value properties of Awesometown are priced at $420,000 and include the eco-friendly build quality provided by Postgreen along with modern design and appliances.

Sustainable 19125 Green Block

Sustainable 19125 Green Block/Patrick Clark

 “We were honored to have the opportunity to help an organization like the NKCDC push the envelope of sustainability and mixed-income housing in Fishtown,” Ludeman said. “Delivering higher quality homes to average income homes in Philadelphia has always been core to our vision and the partnership with the NKCDC helped us further that mission in way we never could have on our own.”

 Awesometown is being developed in two Phases. The first phase is the development of the homes located at 425-39 Moyer Street and the second phase is made up of the homes at 434-40/444-46 Thompson Street.  Phase 1 is completed and the owners have moved in on the Moyer Street side of the development. According to Kevin Gray, the NKCDC director of real estate development, Phase 2 is under construction and should be fully occupied by the end of the year.

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