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Francisville Rezoning Bill Postponed

According to Curbed Philly, the City Planning Commission voted on February 16 to temporarily suspend consideration on a zoning bill that would designate land for single-family use and workforce housing. The area being reviewed is confined by Ridge Avenue, 16th Street, Ogden Street, 15th Street, Poplar Street, Carlisle Street and Brown Street.

Francisville Zoning Map

Map of Francisville zoning area in question./ via PHL Council.

City Council President Darrell Clarke proposed the plan on January 21 in an effort to continue to provide more workforce housing to those who do not qualify for affordable housing, but can’t afford the high-end housing going up in the neighborhood. However, several residents of Francisville said they were unaware of the proposal until a few days prior and implored the commission to hold off from voting on the bill.

Penelope Childs, executive director of the Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation, told Curbed, “While we’re 100 percent in support of economic diversity and creative vibrancy in this neighborhood, we don’t see why this section needs to be rezoned. It is not allowing for property community process.”

An architect involved with designing a development in the mapped zone also stated he was only made aware of the changes on February 12 and had been working under the original zone map.

The commission will reconsider the bill after a period of 45 days.

Full article at Curbed Philly
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