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Conrad Benner, the photojournalist/blogger known for StreetsDept.com is celebrating its 5th anniversary on January 22nd.

Benner was born and raised in Fishtown and he still calls the neighborhood his home today. He’s a home-grown celeb whose website has been discovering art on the streets of Philadelphia and growing in popularity over the past five years. Because he saw the neighborhood change throughout his life his photos and subject matter have a particular view and a certain honesty. His socially conscious voice is a trustworthy one in a scene that is rapidly changing. Make sure to check out the photo essay on Fishtown, it’s maker spaces and gentrification he shot for The Spirit last October.

Photo Credit, Kelly Smith

/Kelly Smith

Benner has packed the event with ten of his favorite artists that he’s met over the last five years, and they are: Nosego, Kid Hazo, Old Broads, Ishknits, Joe Boruchow, Bines, Harlequinade, CERA, Amberella, and NDA. Each artist will be taking over 5 feet of the gallery’s walls, and Benner will also be selling a handful of photo-prints of his photography.

More information about the show and artist bios can be found here.

The celebration will be held at Paradigm Gallery (746 South 4th street, Philadelphia, PA 19147).

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