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VIDEO PREMIERE: Port Richmond’s MC Blackwolf Releases New Music Video For “Fishtown Butcher”

  While MC Blackwolf might reside corporeally in Port Richmond, he draws most of the inspiration for his songs and videos from a mysterious realm known as “The Breach.” He is tight-lipped on the subject, explaining that “The Breach is everything that isn’t, or, more properly, everything that isn’t yet. It is images, it is sounds, it is chaos, and it’s not in the right order. Bringing the order to it is what I like to believe I add, figuring out the puzzle.”

  “Fishtown Butcher”, the local rapper’s newest song and music video, continues his increasingly specific style of rapping — sometimes smoothly, sometimes in barks and sometimes just plain weirdly — over dark industrial-flavored beats. Music can be tough to describe, but here it might be helpful to imagine DMX working with Trent Reznor, which is a fun and worthwhile thing to imagine regardless.

The latest music video release concludes the series of videos that have come out with the “[Redacted] EP”, Blackwolf’s fourth release, as well as a series of short non-music videos, both of which work together to tell the larger, overarching story of The Tesseract Society, The Breach, and The Beast.

  While The Tesseract Society’s business cards read “For the betterment of man through voodoo, black magicks, witchcraft, and other sciences” in all caps, Blackwolf tells us of the other side of their operations.

  “The Tesseract Society and I have a similar relationship to any artist and an agency that tries to control them, be it a music agency, talent agency, or something of that nature,” he said. This endeavor probably has more to do with his connection to The Breach than any sonic qualities, seeing as they manage no other artists.MC Blackwolf

  The tale behind all this unfolds in jagged pieces all over the internet and in Tesseract’s internal documents, the latter of which are only available with album pre-orders. Some places where more information can be found digitally include www.herecomesthethunder.com and www.mcblackwolf.com as well as the various social media accounts of both entities, and the Easter eggs contained in all of these.

  When asked if he’d like to say anything about this video by way of introduction, we are left with the enigmatic “If you follow the sequence in the video, you’ll have the order of the codes.”

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