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Robber Pulls Knife, Sushi Maker/Beer Salesman Pulls Bigger Knife, Robber Runs

Last night, a would-be robber got more than he bargained for when a game of “you call that a knife?” became real at Capital Beer, 2661 E. Cumberland St.

The suspect entered the Chinese, sushi and take-out beer shop wearing a hoodie and a bag tied around his waist, hanging off his rear. He brandished a small pocket knife before jumping over the counter. That’s where his plan went wrong. What the suspect didn’t take into account was the arsenal of extremely sharp and quite large sushi knives that Capital Beer employee Henry Lee had behind the counter

“I thought he was joking,” Lee Said.

So Lee pulled out his own, much larger and sharper, knife and the game was on.

Maybe the suspect liked his chances in a one-on-one battle, but those hopes were squashed when Lee’s brother stepped in to help. “My brother came up with a butcher knife,” Lee said. Realizing he was not going to win this fight, the suspect resorted to pleading with the knife wielding employees for $10. The brothers didn’t give in and the suspect fled. He is still on the loose and presumed armed and dangerous.

Lee wasn’t scared and even pointed out that one of his chefs knows Kung Fu.

“I was not scared at all, if you bring an apple knife to rob a restaurant, that’s fucking dumb,” Lee said. “You know how many knives we have in the kitchen? I could become a ninja guy and jump over the counter.”

Lee also added:

“People think that Chinese are easy to rob, but it’s not true anymore. I grew up in this city, I saw a dead body when I was a kid.”


And now for a moment of childhood nostalgia:

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