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Alleged Anarchists Vandalize South Kensington Following May Day Protests

/Philadelphia Police Department

Geoffrey Suchocki, 45, of Doylestown, and Patricia Monahan, 28, of Rhawnhurst were apprehended following a public disturbance resulting in $100,000 of damage. /Philadelphia Police Department

Local activist groups set out on May 1st to protest and advocate for the common worker. The majority of these demonstrations were peaceful and caused no major disturbance. But according to Metro, a violent public disturbance broke out near the 1500 block of N 2nd Street in South Kensington around 9:15PM last night.

A property manager in the area alerted police when about 30 to 50 alleged anarchists wearing black clothing vandalized the developing blocks, breaking luxury car windows and throwing paint across the block in what added up to more than $100,000 of damage.

According to a police report, the individuals are believed to be associated with the anarchist group, “Summer of Rage.”

In addition to the vandalism, NBC Philadelphia reported the demonstrators left a banner reading “Gentrification is death, revolt is life.”

Following the disturbance, two suspected perpetrators were apprehended by highway patrol officers near the scene of the disturbance. Geoffrey Suchocki, 45, of Doylestown, and Patricia Monahan, 28, of the 1700 block of Lansing Street in Rhawnhurst were charged with causing and risking a catastrophe, criminal mischief, and related offenses, police said.

According to Philly.com, Mayor Kenney was asked about the disturbance at an unrelated news conference on Tuesday morning.

“It’s worse than stealing something. At least a thief has some understanding of the value of something. A vandal is just a vandal. That’s what’s unacceptable,” Kenney said. “There’s never a rationale for that kind of activity. There are ways in which you can address these issues of gentrification. There are ways in which you can address issues of injustice or unfairness, but it’s not by violence.”

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