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Bullock, Fairmount CDC Celebrate Developments on West Girard Avenue

The Fairmount Community Development Corporation (CDC) celebrated the enhancements made along West Girard Avenue on Saturday, May 20th.

Spirit News recently spoke to Kevin Moran, Executive Director of the Fairmount CDC, about the $1.5 million worth of improvements being made along the commercial corridor. Some of the changes made include moving and preserving the avenue’s Belgium blocks on the sidewalk, installing bike racks, improving lighting on poles and revamping the SEPTA shelters.

Fairmount CDC Executive Director Kevin Moran speaks /Shealyn Kilroy

Fairmount CDC Executive Director Kevin Moran speaks about improvements being made along the West Girard Avenue commercial corridor. /Shealyn Kilroy

The day began with remarks outside of the Fairmount CDC office. Next door, The Monkey & The Elephant set up outside to sell strawberry lemonade. Moran gave the opening comments and introductions between speakers. He thanked Philadelphia’s Commerce and Streets Department for their financial contributions and work on the project.

“Together with [these city departments,] and support with our elected officials the 1.5 million investment demonstrates to both long time businesses and our newest commercial neighbors that West Girard is a place for you to grow and succeed,” Moran said.

Denis Murphy, who is with the city’s Commerce Department, noted his appreciation for this project and gave recognition to the enhanced lighting on the bus shelters.

“This is one of my favorite projects because it went really smoothly,” Murphy said. “With the investment that we made, 1.5 million dollars, the impact is huge in terms of the look…I think the before and after impact is really huge, so I’m very pleased.”

Pennsylvania State Representative for the 195th District Donna Bullock was the last to speak. Recalling her “short” time in office, Bullock sees a diversity in businesses and the frequency of the use of those businesses by residents.

Donna Bullock speaks near the intersection of 29th Street and Girard Avenue. /Shealyn Kilroy

Donna Bullock speaks near the intersection of 29th Street and Girard Avenue. /Shealyn Kilroy

“It is truly, truly a blessing to our community to have both long term business and new businesses here on the avenue to celebrate our diversity, to celebrate all of the history and culture and the amazing things happening right here on Girard Avenue,”  Bullock said.

Bullock also explained that a commercial corridor with strong businesses, resources, and partners like the Fairmount CDC is vital.

“Commercial corridors are the backbone and the artery of any community for any residential community to survive,” she added.

Bullock invited the audience to a festival in the fall to celebrate the Avenue once again. At the end of the remarks, Moran took the podium again to offer free Brewerytown tote bags to visitors and residents for their shopping on the Avenue.

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