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Disabled Army Vet Hospitalized For Injuries He Says Were Caused By SugarHouse Security

As if it were a Joe Pesci movie, Chris Long, a disabled Army veteran, alleges that the SugarHouse Casino security staff pulled him into the building and physically beat him early Saturday morning. But unlike the movies where the victim is a card counter, Long said he was just an innocent passerby.

Long says that casino security guards dragged him inside the casino after 2AM. “They said I was spitting on people, but I don’t remember that,” Long said.

Photo posted by Chris Long on Facebook.

Photo posted by Chris Long with caption: “Thanks sugar house for this tonight hey beat me in the back likes movie I never gave up or quit”

Long posted a picture on his Facebook page with the caption: “Thanks sugar house for this tonight [t]hey beat me in the back likes movie I never gave up or quit”

Spirit News was able to confirm that Chris Long did file a police report with the 26th District. In the report, the complainant, Long, alleges he was the victim of aggravated assault, but did admit he had been drinking.

“I had been drinking at a bar down the street,” Long said, also admitting that he was a bit more tipsy than usual. “I remember arguing with someone outside.”

According to police, Long was walking outside the casino at approximately 2:30AM on June 4 after patronizing another local bar when several unknown SugarHouse Casino security guards grabbed him. The report states that the guards used Long’s head to open doors as he was escorted to the casino’s security room. Long alleges he received more abuse inside of that room.

“They opened every door with my head,” said Long, while heading from Hahnemann Hospital on his way to the 26th Police District to file a report. “I have five staples in my head.”

Long was picked up at SugarHouse by fire and rescue and transported to Hahnemann Hospital with bruises and lacerations. According to police, one head laceration did result in five staples to close the wound. Long has not been charged with any crime.

Long says he doesn’t know why they just didn’t call the police if he was doing something wrong. “They took it into their own hands,” he said.

A representative from SugarHouse told Spirit News they, “would try to track something down” with regard to their surveillance footage. A SugarHouse spokesperson reached out to Spirit News today saying, “We are cooperating fully with authorities as they look into the matter.”

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