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Fairmount Civic Association Approves Board of Directors for 2017

  While most progressions for a new year follow the track of “out with the old and in with the new,” the leadership of the Fairmount Civic Association (FCA) will the bearing one of “out with the old and back in with the old.”

  At its final meeting of 2016, the civic group, by acclimation of its members, approved a motion to continue the 2016 Board of Directors for 2017. No opposing candidates were nominated for the annual ballot so holding an election would be pointless, according to President Larry Reynolds.

  First District State Senator Larry Farnese also spoke to the group and said in the legislative term it will be necessary to build coalitions and compromise with Republicans to pass legislation important to Senate Democrats including equitable state funding of education and women’s health issues.

  He said “conservative-minded” legislation will certainly be introduced addressing Republican platforms of no new taxes and no revenue generators, “but we need to address the budget deficit somehow,” he said. “We’re not talking about [budgetary] increases, but to restore $1 billion in cuts.”

  He also said he will push for stronger anti-SLAPP legislation. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation are frivolous lawsuits intended to silence the free speech of plaintiffs by burdening them with the cost of the defense’s legal fees. Currently Pennsylvania’s Anti-SLAPP law applies only to statements regarding the implementation and enforcement of environmental law made before a government body.

  President Larry Reynolds also reported that four teenagers had been arrested for committing robberies near the Philadelphian apartment building at 2401 Pennsylvania Ave. 

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