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FCA Meeting: Fairmount Civic Association Holds February Meeting

 As the weather is delivering to us a medley of different seasons, the Fairmount Civic Association heard about a miscellany of issues at its monthly meeting on February 23rd.

 Two officers from the Ninth Police District reported on the state of Fairmount. “Things are pretty good in Fairmount,” Officer Steve Keifer explained. Specifically, Keifer reported that auto theft, Fairmount’s biggest crime problem, is currently down. He reminded people not to leave any expensive belongings visible in their cars and to tell their neighbors and visitors the same. He also warned that with warm weather approaching, people need to make sure their windows are locked because thieves easily enter houses through raised windows.

 Charlene Small, the Ninth District’s Community Relations Officer, told FCA members to give police operators a physical description of suspicious persons or perpetrators when calling 911 so that police have justification for stopping potential suspects.

 Keifer also said the Ninth District is developing a poster listing tips for avoiding becoming a victim of crime. He said the poster will be placed in public areas soon.

 Dan Bloovman of Circle Compost told the FCA his company will collect food waste from residents and businesses and turn it into compost at their facility, then donate it to urban farms.  For a modest fee Circle Compost will supply a bucket to clients to collect food scraps and then pick it up weekly by bicycle trailer.

 FCA members also heard from the owner of the property at 837 N 21st St., who is seeking the FCA’s support of a construction project at his house. The proposed project involves replacing a free-standing deck behind the property with a greenhouse to raise orchids. The greenhouse will occupy exactly the same footprint as the deck. Variances would be needed for the destruction of the existing deck and construction of the greenhouse with only 29 feet between the back of that structure and the rear of the lot when the zoning code requires 30 feet. A variance for the deck on that issue was granted in 1979, the owner’s representative said. By acclimation, FCA members unanimously approved the submission of a letter of non-opposition to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for the project.

 Also seeking FCA support were people wanting to build a community art garden at 914-916 Taney St. Eric Fagnoli, one of the principals in the project, said the garden would serve as a beautification project and a social gathering spot for residents. Its construction and maintenance would also serve as a venue for service projects by youth members in the community. Fagnoli added that he will seek dedication of the site as a community garden from the city so that future owners of the property could not destroy it to make way for new construction. The FCA will not decide whether to support the project until plans for it are narrowed down.

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