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Inphused Philly: Local Instagram Account Hosts Low Key Marijuana-Infused Food Parties For Select Followers

Philadelphia exists in a state of limbo regarding the status of the consumption of cannabis. The switch from stiff punishments for small amounts of marijuana to a $25 fine for possession of less than one ounce of the stuff is causing confusion among both law enforcement and people involved in selling marijuana and the new products people are using to ingest the forbidden fruit.

Spirit News explored this legal ambiguity last August in an article titled “Weed In Between the Lines.” We spoke with a member of the 26th Police District as well as three dealers to look into how this new city ordinance was affecting the Riverwards.

We discovered that while this legal gray area is causing issues for police in determining who is a drug dealer, it’s also allowing for the black market surrounding cannabis to expand and even take on a more business-like persona. But we’re not talking about Scarface here: The stigma and taboo of being a marijuana user is disappearing. Now that it’s become more socially acceptable, some unlikely local business owners are sparking up a new venture and they’re challenging the standards of edible cannabis.

Spirit News was recently contacted by this group which goes by the Instagram handle, “@inphusedphilly.” These guys are putting on cannabis infused barbecues and special grab and go events. To put it bluntly (no pun intended), they’re infusing some interesting foods with cannabis and want to give it to you. But since edible cannabis products are technically illegal, there is a vetting process.

We talked to one of the members of @inphusedphilly who gave us the low down. According to him, the way to get the process started is to direct message the group on Instagram. Once you’ve established a rapport online, a face-to-face meeting is set up. Only then will you receive the location of their pop-up where you can purchase a fully infused meal.

According to the spokesperson, the dosage is slightly lower in each food item than normal so that each diner can eat an entire meal and still be able to enjoy the food. This may seem like a fun way to enjoy cannabis recreationally, but these guys are serious. The chef is a professional with years of real culinary experience in restaurants throughout Philadelphia.

Tonight, @inphusedphilly is teaming up with @bakt_guds, another cannabis food group, for a pop-up take-out event. Here’s the lowdown: For $30, you get a cheesesteak, a side (cheese fries or mac and cheese) and your choice of dessert (peach cobbler, apple cobbler or ultimate fudge brownie).

Spirit News was recently invited to check out one of their fully infused barbecues. The event was held at an undisclosed location and ticketed guests were invited to eat as much food as they could handle.

I started with @inphusedphilly’s signature dish: the prime rib cheesesteak. It’s injected with cannabis butter, chilled, sliced thin, then sauteed in a pain wit or wit out. I went wit. It didn’t stop there however. It’s slathered in an infused cheese sauce comprised of cannabis butter and an entire block of cooper sharp cheese. This cheesesteak is super juicy from the buttery infusion and the melted down block of cooper sharp is about the best thing you can put on anything. I could have stopped there, but didn’t.

Inphused Philly Cheesesteaks

Inphused Philly Cheesesteaks/Ptah Gabrie

Next, I sampled some chicken wings. These were infused with butter as well and deep fried to perfection. The dark meat is already tender and juicy. The infusion was not lost in the frying and a mild cannabis taste was present, but definitely complimentary of the rich buttery chicken that peeled clean off the bone.

Inphused Philly wings

Inphused Philly wings/Ptah Gabrie

Vegetarians could chow down on eggplant topped with sauteed spinach and melted feta cheese. There was also pulled pork which I scooped right onto my plate. It’s just as tender and juicy as any I’ve ever tasted, with a hint of cannabis flavor in the rich stock it’s swimming in.

Spinach and Feta

Spinach and Feta/Ptah Gabrie

My favorite item — and what I believe was the most potent — was the baked beans. The super thick sauce was absolutely perfect. The sweetness is contrasted with chunks of salty bacon which the beans happily absorb. Two bowls of this and I was ready for an infused drink.

Inphused Philly baked beans

Inphused Philly baked beans/Ptah Gabrie

The cocktail of choice was locally made absinthe mixed with a cannabis tincture, or extract. The tincture is commonly used in baking, but brave souls might feel the need to infuse a cocktail. The tincture tastes strange alone, but blended with the absinthe, it creates a very unique drink that is refreshing, yet potent. I washed down a couple fruity pebble treats for dessert as the popcorn machine began popping, creating infused treats fit for this cookout or any movie-going experience.

Inphused Philly Fruity Pebbles treats

Inphused Philly Fruity Pebbles treats/Ptah Gabrie

According to @inphusedphilly, they hope to be putting on events around the Riverwards on a regular basis. You might be lucky to catch one of their representatives around the neighborhood promoting their group with samples of their handmade cannabis candies. To stay on top of what these guys are cooking, follow them on instagram and direct message them to get the vetting process started so you can find out where their dishing out these super delicious edibles.

Inphused Philly popcorn machine

Inphused Philly even brought out popcorn machine to serve cannabis infused popcorn./Ptah Gabrie

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