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Local Muggings Have Residents Abuzz on Social Media

  According to two posts on Nextdoor, two women in Fairmount have experienced muggings this month.

  In the first post, dated January 12th, the mugging took place at the intersection of Poplar and Pennock Streets. The assailant, reportedly a black man, who’d been walking down Poplar Street with a group of other black men, absconded with the woman’s messenger bag, which contained a laptop, a wallet and work-related documents. The police apprehended several suspects about 15 minutes after the incident occurred. One of the suspects was in possession of the woman’s laptop when he was arrested. The messenger bag and the rest of its contents still have not been recovered.

  The following week, in a post dated January 19th, another woman was mugged on Brown Street between 22nd and 23rd Streets. The two muggers pinned the woman to the ground while searching her coat pockets. They stole the bag she was carrying, in which were her wallet, her phone and several books. Both of the assailants were black, around five foot eight, and appeared to be in their late teens. They wore dark clothing at the time of the incident. The victim has reported this information to the police, and they are currently trying to track the assailants with the phone.

  If you have any information regarding these incidents, be sure to contact the 9th Police District at (215) 686-3090.

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