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New Pies, Old Vibes: Pizza Dads Opens Up on Girard Ave.

When Spirit News wrote about Pizza Dads initially, we cracked a joke regarding brains and dads, saying that the two do not always coincide. However, after visiting Pizza Dads, it seems like they knows what they’re doing when it comes to the peculiar pizza pie-making industry.

Pizza Dads (2943 W. Girard Ave.), the sister location of Fishtown-based pizzeria Pizza Brain, is now open for business in Brewerytown.


Pizza Dads chef Brian Shields assembles a Rushton specialty pie behind the counter at the newly opened Brewerytown pizza parlor. /Patrick Clark

Unlike Pizza Brain’s nostalgic, quirky atmosphere, the new Brewerytown location’s retro-feel is clean, minimal and toned-down. The five booths along the windows are colored to match the turquoise, golden yellow, and orange palette. Giant cartoon pizza slices hang in the windows, a genealogical reminder of Pizza Brain.

In addition to selling tried-and-true Pizza Brain pies, Pizza Dads has added several new 16-inch signature pies to it’s menu, inspired by international and Philly street food.

Spirit News ordered the Rushton, a white-base pizza with mozzarella, breaded chicken, red onion, bleu cheese, spinach/basil pesto and balsamic reduction. When moving a slice from tray to plate, whiffs of pesto hover kindly under the nose. Considering the use of balsamic reduction, all of the pie’s ingredients came together in a more mild, but still delicious, way than expected. While Pizza Dads does offer single slices, getting the Rushton fresh out of the oven was the best way to enjoy it.


The completed Rushton specialty pie — featuring breaded chicken, mozzarella, red onion, bleu cheese, spinach/basil pesto and balsamic reduction. /Patrick Clark

This Sunday afternoon at Pizza Dad’s was the first time Brooke Williams and Gene Coletta of Brewerytown had been to a Pizza Brain-related location. Williams and Coletta ordered one the “classics” as well as the Althea, a new signature white-base pie with mozzarella, lamb merguez sausage, aged lemon/herb yogurt and sweet pickled cucumber. The two were noted for both the crust and style.

“It’s good and flavorful. I like that it’s thin so I can consume more of it,” Williams said. With the daily slices changing everyday and so many new flavored pizzas, Coletta claims it’s worth another visit. “I’m going to come every day for a week [and get a different slice,]” Coletta said.


Brewerytown resident Brooke Williams digs into the Althea — a specialty pie topped with lamb merguez sausage, aged lemon/herb yogurt and sweet pickled cucumber. /Patrick Clark

Unless you’re getting a classic pie like the Tom or the Jane, all pies will cost upward of $20 with tax. If nothing on the menu strikes your fancy, the option to build your own pizza is available. Choose from an array of cheeses, veggies, and proteins to make or to add on a pie. Most pies can have jackfruit substituted for meats.


The interior of Pizza Dads. /Patrick Clark

Pizza Dad’s offers pickup or delivery at 215-763-DADS. Online ordering is advertised to be coming soon at www.pizzabrain.org.

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