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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Medusa Pizzeria, Sicilian-Style Pies on York St.

 According to a recent NY Daily News article, a poll conducted by CiCi’s Pizza states that “the average American will eat at least 6,000 slices of pizza in their lifetime.” Now, 6,000 slices of pizza may sound like a lot, but it’s not nearly as many as I’m aiming to have in my lifetime. And while some people might think pizza-is-pizza, I don’t want to waste my 6,000 slices on any ol’ restaurant. I like my experiences to be special. Medusa Pizzeria, a new Sicilian-style restaurant in Fishtown, located at 2327 Gaul Street (across the street from Mugshot Diner), is a place I have no problem adding to my pizza count.

Medusa Pizzeria Bike Displayed on Wall/Michael Antonio Castaneda

Medusa Pizzeria Bike Displayed on Wall/Michael Antonio Castaneda

  Medusa Pizzeria is, seriously, one of the biggest pizzerias I’ve ever seen. Coming in at two stories tall, it’s huge, with high ceilings and hard wooden stairs that lead to a second floor with both inside and outside seating. The outside seating overlooks the neighborhood and, since the restaurant sits upon a corner, there is a breeze to accompany its outside guests while they enjoy their meal.   

Second Floor Outside Seating

Second Floor Outside Seating/Michael Antonio Castaneda

  This restaurant was once an old meatpacking warehouse that has been remade into the stunning establishment that is now Medusa Pizzeria. They have two different wood-fired ovens: One is a bit more traditional and one looks like it came from the Death Star. While the restaurant does offer salads and sandwiches, what’s most amazing about this place is obviously their pizza. Yes, I shamelessly added a few hundred slices to my pizza count when I visited; okay, more like a few slices, but I would happily add a few hundred more to my list!

Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven/Michael Antonio Castaneda

 I had the pleasure of dining on the Naxos pie, which features arugula, cherry tomatoes, fresh burrata, olive oil and parmigiano. You can also add prosciutto for $2, which I highly recommend. All the ingredients balance well, which might cause you to eat an entire pie without realizing it.

Naxos Pizza at Medusa Pizza

Naxos Pizza/Michael Antonio Castaneda

I also tried their Salmon pizza, with smoked salmon, asparagus, scallions, tarragon, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and crème fraiche. This was my favorite of the two simply because the cheese was amazing — in my opinion, the cheese stole the show. Along with their pizza, the thick Sicilian crust was spectacular, because you get a nice wood fire taste with it. I also recommend getting a side of oil to dip your crust into, if you’re into that sort of thing, but that’s entirely up to you.

Salmon Pizza at Medusa

Salmon Pizza/Michael Antonio Castaneda

  Medusa Pizzeria is one of those places you’ll have trouble forgetting because it offers so much. In addition to their pizza, salads and sandwiches, they also offer pizza fritta, which is a fluffy dough stuffed with sauce and mozzarella and then deep fried. They have an espresso and tea bar and Gelato Bomba, covered in chocolate and a Sicilian Cannoli. You can finish your meal with a nice espresso or macchiato and be on your way to roam the streets of Fishtown.


Maccahiato/Michael Antonio Castaneda

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