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State Rep John Taylor to Host Kids Safety Fair at Cione Rec

 State Representative John Taylor is gearing up to host a Kids Health and Safety Fair this Saturday, June 10th, at noon, to provide a “one-location, one-stop [shop]” for parents and kids looking for a consolidated way to learn about neighborhood safety.

 The fair, which has a provisional roster of representation from at least eight civic organizations, ranging from the 26th District to the Butterfly Pavilion and Insectarium, will take place at Cione Playground, located at 2600 Aramingo Ave., and run from 10AM to 1PM.

 While the location suggests entertainment — Taylor acknowledged that the playground was “awesome” — the goal of the event is more informational than recreational. “It’s not really a fun fest,” Taylor said.

Children’s Hospital Poison Control will be tabling at the fair to help educate those in attendance on “what household items are laying around that shouldn’t be,” Taylor said.

 Parents can have their kids fingerprinted and photographed — for their own keeping, not to be stored by police — so that in the event of a missing child, information can be disseminated quickly.

  Philadelphia Bike Coalition’s Policy Coordinator Bob Previdi will also be on hand, passing out literature on basic precautions child pedestrians and bikers should be taking.

 “Four students are struck by vehicles in the city of Philadelphia on a daily basis,” Previdi said.

 He wants parents to use safe drop-off points at schools, and, most importantly, for everyone to “look left and right before you cross.”

 Previdi and Taylor have been collaborating on a bill for speed cameras, to calm freeway traffic.       

 Beyond that work, Taylor’s legislative profile includes efforts fighting the opioid crisis and eliminating school violence. He championed the Office of School Victim Advocate, which provides services to those who have been bullied, and helped expand Recovery High Schools, which keeps students away from drug dealers.

 Taylor is an old hand at community events — he has hosted senior events, which he says have been “wildly popular,” events on addiction, and a yearly outreach event seeking input from parents on what programs for their children should be funded.

 The Kids Health and Safety Fair will be more narrowly focused, he said. “Parents can see what civic organizations represent their neighborhoods.”

 “Hopefully we’ll get a nice sunny day; people will come and find it useful,” Taylor said.

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