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The Brains Behind Pizza Brain Are Coming to Brewerytown

  Not everyone associates brains with dads.

  But now it’s a whole lot easier to connect the two. The co-founders of Fishtown-Kensington based Pizza Brain are opening another pizza shop entitled Pizza Dads in Brewerytown in a few weeks.

  Pizza Dads will call the former Hat Shoppe (2943 W. Girard Ave.) as its home when it’s expected to open in early April, Pizza Brain partner Michael Carter told Philly.com.

  This new pizza spot won’t be part-museum or connected to Little Baby’s ice cream, like Pizza Brain is. However, this pizza destination will still be serving the signature quirky Pizza Brain pies like the Jane and Forbes Waggensense. In addition to serving recognizable Pizza Brain pies, Pizza Dads are dishing out new pies inspired by international street food.

  All pies, like Pizza Brain, will be made in a gas-fired, brick-lined deck oven and cooked by a crew encouraged by a “perfectionist mindset.” Carter says the pizza-making will be both approachable and a high art form.

  Co-founders Joe Hunter and Ryan Anderson told Philly.com that they intend Pizza Dads to act as a community hub. The atmosphere of the shop will take it old-school with a ‘70s color palette and a ‘90s vibe. With these decisions, those behind Pizza Dads hope to bring back the “pizza parlor experience” for pizza eaters. Maybe it will become your dad’s new hangout.

  Speculation of dad associations aside, realistically, the new name came from an employee’s

tattoo, like “dad” as in “boss.”

  Spirit News intends to review Pizza Dads once the pizzeria opens.

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