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Two Fishtown Restaurants Make Zagat’s New Sexiest in Philly List

Zagat recently published a list of the eight sexiest restaurants in Philly. Who would’ve thought two new Fishtown restaurants would find a home on that list? Now it seems common-place, the Frankford Avenue Commercial Corridor is the place to be, but five to ten years ago this would’ve been little more than a pipe dream for businesses, residents, and developers alike.

Kensington Quarters

The first restaurant to make the list is Kensington Quarters. The restaurant/butcher combo may seem like an unlikely pair at first thought, but it really ends up making plenty of sense. Why aren’t more restaurants adopting this philosophy? SquallCo partnered with owners Michael and Jeniphur Pasquarello to make this a reality. Farm to table has been en-vogue since Judy Wicks pioneered the concept back in the 80s, but Kensington Quarters takes it one step further with the ‘The Butcher Shop’. According to their website, the shop “practices whole-animal butchery, utilizing pasture-raised animals sourced directly from local farms.” Kensington Quarters maintains a warm and inviting feel while its dark colors and wood tones certainly lend an air of sexiness to the restaurant.

1310 Frankford Ave.; 267-314-5086

La Colombe

The open-air feel of La Colombe is refreshing in its old warehouse setting on Frankford Avenue. This well-known coffee company boasts a bread bakery and rum distillery inside that lends to the exposed brick and air-duct look we’ve all come to expect from new and progressive brands and the mural by Steve Powers accents the aesthetic. The coffee is fantastic and the spacious seating makes it a haven for the creative minds inhabiting the neighborhood. It’s a company that has established itself as a cornerstone of the city and in Fishtown. It should be no surprise that the multi-purpose coffee shop made Zagat’s new list.

1335 Frankford Ave.; 267-479-1600

Full article at Zagat
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