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Watch: Man Armed With T-Shirt Tries To Rob Beloved Quick Stop, Leaves Empty Handed

The Philadelphia Police Department needs your help tracking down a man who likes to play pretend.

Earlier this week on Wednesday, an unidentified white male walked in to Quick Stop (the only place open when you need chips, condoms, or plastic wrapped sliced watermelon on Christmas morning) on Frankford Avenue at 11:07PM with what appears to be a t-shirt wrapped around his hand. Hoping the friendly faces at Quick Stop would believe the bundle of cloth was concealing his  gun, he demanded the money from the drawers.

Initially one employee started to get the money out of the drawer, but after further judgment of the man, it appears the employee decided that he was not going to be the victim of a robbery by t-shirt and decided not to give the bandit his bucks.

The suspect then left with nothing and police say he was last seen headed south on Frankford Avenue.

Watch the video:

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