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Watch: Man Wearing Sleeveless “Come At Me Bro” Shirt Steals Dodge Ram

The Philadelphia Police Department’s Major Crime Auto Squad is helping to track down a man who stole a truck on July 13th. According to police, the suspect was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt that said “COME AT ME BRO.” He also had a tattoo on one of his upper arms and dark colored shorts.

The incident was captured on camera. The footage shows a white male, in his 30’s, with short brown hair riding a BMX-style bike up to a parked truck and pausing for a minute.

After he makes sure the coast is clear, the man wiggles and jiggles something into the lock of a 2001 white Dodge Ram pickup parked on the 3200 block of Collins Street in Port Richmond. Moments later, he’s in the car and soon manages to get it started without a key.

You may be wondering: “But wait, what about his bike?”

The suspect then gets out of the stolen car and places the black BMX bike into the bed of the truck. He left in an unknown direction.

If you see these suspect contact 911 immediately.

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