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Bache-Martin Volunteers Needed

   Bache-Martin Home and School is in the process of putting together a roster of volunteers at the school to help cover the front door at both school buildings.  Right now, the noontime aides are doing it, though they would be better utilized during lunch and recess, and elsewhere in the school during other times of the day. The more adults in the school the better. The duties simply involve buzzing visitors into the building, having them sign the log book, and directing them to the main office a few feet away.

   They are looking for people to cover 1-2 hour shifts throughout the school day, with the key coverage times being 11am-1pm (one person for each building). These volunteers would ideally commit to a set schedule per week (day and time) to provide the school with consistency and avoid last-minute scrambling.

   Please spread the word in the neighborhood, to FCA members, and to especially our senior retirees who have the time and would like to give back to the community.  We would also welcome shifts done in pairs if folks would like to bring a friend to play a game with or chat.

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