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Frozen Turtle Found in Harrowgate Survives

According to a recent Inquirer article, a frozen turtle, originally thought to be dead, was brought to the Pennsylvania SPCA Shelter Hospital (350 E. Erie Ave) and revived last week. The turtle was found, partially submerged in ice, on the 900 block of East Schiller Street last Wednesday in Harrowgate after an anonymous call alerted PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement officers.

“When we looked at her there were no signs of life,” Alicia Royer, a nursing supervisor, told the Inquirer.

Turtles are able to survive with their hearts beating once or twice per minute. Knowing this, the medical staff contacted a reptile expert at the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary hospital, who suggested warmth therapy.

The staff placed the turtle underneath a warming lap with towels and a heating pad. After two hours, the turtle began moving and blinking.

“We were all super-excited,” Royer said of her staff.

After further examination, it was apparent the turtle had suffered damage to its shell, toes and limbs; it was also found that the turtle was female, contrary to PSPCA’s original guess.

In honor of her icy triumph, the staff named her Elsa, a nod to the Disney movie “Frozen.” Despite damage, Elsa has been reportedly moving around.

Gillian Kocher, spokesperson for PSPCA, said they are currently investigating if criminal charges against Elsa’s former owners are warranted.

Elsa is currently receiving around the clock attention and must undergo surgery. To donate to Elsa’s recovery, click here.

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