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GPAR Donated More Than $2,200 to Benefit Literacy Program at Kindergarten Graduation

 On June 21, 2016, the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors (GPAR) and its Affiliate Membership Committee presented a donation over $2,200 to benefit the Lewis Elkin Elementary School, located at 3199 D Street Philadelphia, PA, to the school’s principal at their kindergarten graduation ceremony.

  The kindergarten to fourth grade school has nearly 900 students in Kensington. Only 27 percent of students are reading on grade level and almost all live in poverty. The donation will go towards the purchase of literacy software for the school. Last month, GPAR’s Affiliate Committee hosted an event to raise funds for today’s donation.

  “The Lewis Elkin Elementary School family faces a tremendous amount of obstacles,” said Kim Porto, Chair of the GPAR Affiliate Committee. Porto further added, “Principal Evelyn Nunez has an infectious enthusiasm for her students and a plan to help them succeed. She has identified the need to increase the literacy level of her students as a top priority and believes that instructional literacy software can play a key role in accomplishing this goal. The funds raised from our event will help Principal Nunez purchase the needed software for her students.

  Additionally, the Affiliate Membership Committee of GPAR has chosen to focus its future charitable work to benefit Lewis Elkin Elementary School.”

  “Today is about the future,” said Heather A. Petrone-Shook, Vice President of the GPAR Board of Directors. Petrone-Shook added, “The Lewis Elkin kindergarten students are the future of Philadelphia. We are happy to share in this special occasion and to aid the efforts to make Lewis Elkin students the best that they can be for future success.”

  “We are extremely grateful for the ongoing partnership with GPAR, Principal Evelyn Nunez.” She went on to add, “Elkin is striving to increase the students reading levels. Research states that the more children read the better readers they become. The contribution will be utilized to purchase a school-wide license for “Learning A-Z” for one year. This software will provide our children thousands of ebooks for the in all genres at their independent reading level. The software will provide students with the ability to log on any day and time to read books at their independent reading level. Through this partnership we aim to drastically improve the percentage of students who are reading on grade level and as a result better lay a solid foundation to better prepare the students for middle school, high school and eventually college. Elkin is appreciative of the support they are receiving from the Greater Philadelphia Realtors Association.”

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