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Spirit Astrology (November 30)

Aries: As usual, I missed out on an art opening I wanted to see this past weekend. There’s a new book store called Ulises and they held a show called “Body Works”, which is a zine by artist Liz Barr. I really like her art. Although the theme throughout her work is similar, she really gets all over the place with her media. Maybe it’s time for you to switch up your medium? Learn something, play around.

Taurus: Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong people. We swear up and down that they’re perfect, and yet they are constantly proving us otherwise. Finding what’s good in someone is not always an easy task, but bad things are revealed and judged so easily. Over the next coming weeks, try letting the good outweigh the bad. Don’t be so judgemental. Find the beauty in someone and let them notice you’ve seen their good side. They’ll pay you back somehow.

Gemini: I recently saw a Facebook post where someone was asking how to copy and paste. My brain immediately jumped to some sort of remark like, “What an idiot”. I felt bad having that thought because there are simple things that I need to ask help for sometimes, too. I used to feel like asking for help was a sign of weakness, but with a little help you can become stronger. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Be excited for who you will be.

Cancer: This First Friday, Transport Cycle on Frankford Avenue will be hosting the release of Megawords issue 23. From storefronts to bars, galleries and now the bike shop, Megawords has been showing up with amazing pictures for many many years. Amongst the hard work these guys put into so many other endeavors, they never give up. Take a lesson from these guys, Cancer. Giving up is easy. Staying in the game is the fun part.

Leo: At this point, I wonder when the Fishtown/Kensington movie theater will appear? Instead of building more houses, I hope someone would make something useful out of one of these empty lots. Leo, you’re full of good ideas, but sometimes you get stuck building the same things in your own empty lots. Would it kill you to build something new? Something that could benefit you or even the world around you? You won’t know unless you try.

Virgo: In the Tim Burton classic film, “Batman”, the character of the Joker (played by Jack Nicholson) asks the question, “Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Is your life feeling a little like you’re stuck in a doubly dark place, such as described in that question? There are many ways to correct this. It could be as simple as a walk outside in your favorite sweater. But don’t let yourself stay in a dark place for too long, Virgo. It’s about to be a brutal winter if you choose that path.

Libra: The Joy Of Cooking is a popular, outdated cookbook where it seems no matter what it is, you bake it at 350 degrees for an hour. There’s no pictures to let you know what your basic meal will or can look like. This is why people have moved to more food images. Philadelphia-based Jenn Friberg has a website “thisfoodlife.com”, where she posts amazing pictures of her recipe creations. If you are feeling bored with your basic joys of life, maybe try a new approach, and make it beautiful and tasty.

Scorpio: I have an ex that used to make me things all of the time. From a crocheted dress to a song or his home made peanut butter cups, this guy was constantly thinking and giving. I, too, was a giver, as I am a romantic and a people pleaser. Yet, to have someone just thinking of me and making things for me felt incredible. It’s time for you, Scorpio, to start giving to others. See how good you will feel knowing you’ve made someone’s day.

Sagittarius: My friend Alexandra has been working very hard on her art piece for this year’s Art Basel in Miami. She stares at her screen and watches her beautiful images over and over again until she feels she has perfected them. It may be a hard task, but the results will be epic, as this piece will be featured at 17×12 feet in all it’s glory. A big, beautiful, mesmerizing wall of moving poppies and naked ladies. Don’t get lazy right now, Sagittarius. Keep up your hard work and know that the results will make up for it all.

Capricorn: Getting lots of rest recently was probably quite good for you, although you may have felt a little down during it. You work too hard most of the time, and shouldn’t feel guilty if your body needs a little break. Don’t look at it like you’re wasting time, see it as a rebirth. Enjoy the time you need to take care of yourself. When you’re ready to get back to the grind, treat yourself first. Get on over to Danger Salon and let one of those beautiful women cut your hair. Or head to Central Tattoo and get that tattoo you’ve been wanting. Whatever it is you need, Capricorn, you deserve it.

Aquarius: The transition between the Jimi Hendrix songs “…And the Gods Made Love” and “Electric Ladyland” is one of my favorite moments in Rock and Roll history. There’s something so smooth and delicate about it. Whatever recent transitions you’re going through ought to be so smooth and delicate. Pull out that record, see what I mean, and follow the sweet soul of Jimi into your next phase.

Pisces: Sometimes I get into a perfect little YouTube hole where I get stuck on POV log flumes or long train rides. I do this to stimulate my imagination. It seems the imagination gets darker and harder to charge as we grow older. This is a time for you to figure out what stimulates your imagination. Don’t let your memories get in the way. You can use these Devo lyrics as your guide to start, “Go forward / Move ahead / Try to detect it / It’s not too late.”

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