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Spirit Astrology: Your Dose of Hyperlocal Spiritual Advice (April 19, 2017)

Aries: When I was a child, my mother would buy me a new dress and some new white shoes every year for Easter. The dresses were always adorable, and I remember I always loved the shoes (well, I’ve just always loved shoes). My brothers and I would wake up in the morning and search for where the Easter Bunny hid our baskets. Then we would get dressed up and go to church. Somewhere in the mix, my father would take a picture of us. My hair was so long back then, and I smiled in every picture (as I was taught to do). Easter hasn’t felt like Easter since sometime back then. Getting older, without a family of your own, holidays feel just like every other day. Except this year. This year it feels like a holiday again. I am going to wear a dress and spend the evening with my family. And my special guy bought me flowers! Aries, if the things you do now feel nothing like they did before, I suggest finding the small things that might relate to time’s past and cherish them enough to try and feel just as good now as you did then.

Taurus: I visited my old stamping grounds in South Philly over the weekend. I do miss that neighborhood a bunch. I love how there’s no room for new construction, that it’s a little gritty and that I can always run into someone I know. The previous weekend, I took a walk down Frankford Avenue, and I stopped in some of the small businesses. I like the idea of the Ave building up with more to do, but I don’t like the new design of these new construction houses so much. I dislike the architecture so much that it makes me want to avoid these types of walks, which entails supporting these businesses. The beauty I find in Philadelphia is how old it is and how its brick and stone homes were made to last. I have a friend who bought a newer house on Frankford not too long ago. He’s already needed to replace the roof and the house isn’t even 10 years old. Things should be built to last, including you, Taurus. You’re not made up of cheaper materials than other humans, so recognize that. It’s time for you to feel how strong you are and show it to the world.

Gemini: I am trying to figure out how to get things for free. I used to work for this multi-millionaire who would get everything for free. People would just send him gifts and he’d often get to eat for free at fancy restaurants. I would enjoy free things. I work so hard in my life and I am living at a poverty level. Some people are just born into money and get more throughout life, only to get things for free as well. I put out an ad once, calling myself a “friend for hire.” What I implied was that I just wanted maybe a free dinner or something in exchange for my friendship. I love spending time with people and I love helping people, so if someone is hiring a friend, I think it is a fair trade. Do I need to start a lifestyle blog to see if companies will send me free clothes so that I can promote them? Do I need to finally get my cooking show in action so I can get free food? It’s an unfair society we live in, Gemini. However, we have to keep going on. You just have to accept some things, even if they’re really messed up. I’m sorry for the harsh truth, but as you see, I am right there with you.

Cancer: I really will miss winter. I will miss bundling up by the fire and I will miss the long dark nights. There’s so much pressure to do more when the weather is nice in spring, or when the days are long in summer. I often spend summer nights just waiting for the sun to go down and hoping for a slight breeze. Snuggling up in bed becomes uncomfortable and people will do anything to submerge themselves in water or air conditioning to relieve their bodies from the stagnant, stale air. Have I convinced you yet? Probably not. Well, then you ought to prove this to yourself. Put on your stupid cut-off jeans and sweat to death, all while pretending this is your favorite time of year. Tell yourself that you love limiting sunlight in your bedroom by clogging up half of your window with an AC unit. Hold onto this feeling, Cancer, for you are the guide through our summer. You need to lead the way through these 100-degree days to come. Be warned and prepare yourself.

Leo: Sometimes change is out of your control. Sometimes you want to make changes, but you actually can’t, because someone else isn’t allowing you to. For example, I frequent the Soup Kitchen on Susquehanna Avenue. They make this beet sandwich that is by far my favorite sandwich there. I hope they never take it off their menu since it’s become the reason I go there. But one day, because businesses need to grow, they might take it away. I will have no control over this decision, if it comes to pass. I will not miss the awfully shaped tables that make it impossible and uncomfortable to eat this amazing beet sandwich, but I will miss eating this sandwich. Lately, I feel like the changes I want to make are out of my control. It’s as if I can’t make a good enough case for myself to get people on my side. Leo, you are my sister sign, so our kinship is strong, allowing me the pleasantry to know we share thoughts. If you’re feeling like there’s a change that needs to be made, but you can’t force the change on your own, I hope you can find peace somehow. I am searching for peace, but my desires for change are too strong. Let’s help each other and send the best love to each other to feel something and to have the power to get others on board with us. I’m on your side, Leo.

Virgo: An opinion is nothing but an opinion — this is something that I am very aware of. I don’t have very strong opinions and I am sometimes taken aback by the fact that I surround myself with people who are so opinionated. I spoke about this before, but I have trouble saying, “I don’t like..” in the beginning of an opinion. I try to stay open-minded and allow the knowledge that whatever it is I may consider disliking, someone else could be loving. I have to understand there’s a reason for that. Although it is our individuality, including our opinions on things, that make us who we are, I just feel bad even liking something more than something else. I try to see most things as equal. Virgo, the strong sign, sometimes suffers from opinions that are too strong. I ask you to join me in relieving yourself from the anguish of your opinions. Free yourself from judgement at all and come fly freely. I say this often, but it is easier to feel good than to feel bad.

Libra: I got pretty obsessed with homemade mac and cheese recently. I bought a four cheese blend, and when I brought it home (lazily not reading the label before buying it) I realized there was no cheddar in the blend. To my knowledge, cheddar is the cheese to use in mac and cheese. Luckily, I had an old chunk of cheddar in my fridge, so I thought I could shred it and mix it with the other four cheeses. Then I realized I could just use the blend and try something new! It was great. My boyfriend and I ate it together and we both enjoyed it very much. Maybe it wasn’t just the mac and cheese, though. Maybe it was the fact that I had cooked for us and that we spent time together while eating it. It was all just as enjoyable as the rest. Sometimes it’s not what you enjoy; it’s who you get to enjoy it with. Keeping good company is very important. It makes anything you do in this company seem enjoyable. Find that person you love most, and give this a try. Do something mediocre and find out how nice it can be.

Scorpio: What color is nothing? How can one idea be so unfathomable? The concept of nothing really gets my goat. Nothing. I imagine the color of nothing would be something like white or black, but who’s to say it isn’t pink? Sometimes, I see colors in shapes without the color actually being there. A triangle often seems blue to me. Not a full blue, but a thick outline. What is a true triangle — a filled-in one or an outline of one? How will I ever have the answers to these things? I feel the need to ponder in these moments and to free up the space in my mind to let go of the answers I already know about things. Scorpio, the miniature philosopher of our zodiac, often has pondering thoughts. Maybe it’s your turn to do the opposite and take some time to think about the things you already know.

Sagittarius: One thing we suffer from in this part of town is the severe lack of cheap, authentic food choices. Most importantly, cheap authentic Mexican food. And then I discovered Que Chula Es Puebla on 2nd Street. I had a sick craving for Veracruzana or Los Gallos, my two favorite Mexican spots in the city, but neither my special guy nor I felt the urge to drive to South Philly. So we came across this place. I know this is not a food review, but a horoscope, so I recommend just visiting. I was skeptical all the while, only to end up entirely satisfied. You see, the moral of the story is that there is hope. You may be struggling with trying to figure out what you want in life, and you may feel like the end goal is changing too often or seems far off. You may feel influenced too much by an outside source. However, whatever you feel like isn’t going to be as good as what you know to be the best, it may just be delightfully comparable!

Capricorn: I once spent a few months house-sitting in a house on Front Street near Fitzwater. During that time, the house had a mouse. It would get into the trash can somehow and then somehow find its way out of the trash can. The kitchen and living room area were a nice open space, so I began to sleep on the futon in the living space to see if I could catch the son of a gun. I never did catch the mouse, but I named it Thomas (I assumed it was a male). I would yell at Thomas a lot, but sometimes I would just talk to him. This went on for weeks, until one fateful afternoon. I came home from work and I went into the bedroom. There on the floor was a little mouse, nearly flattened on one side, completely dead. I dropped onto my knees next to the mouse and I began to cry. Thomas was dead. I got some helium balloons and I tied the ribbon from the balloons around Thomas’s little body. I walked outside, across the street into a small park, and there I bid farewell to my housemate. As I watched him float away with the balloons, thunder and lightning filled the sky. I knew this would be a disaster, so as it began to rain, I walked inside. Not everything works out as planned, Capricorn, but you won’t know unless you try. You need to open your mind, you need to make great stories, you need to create fabulous memories, you need to make life seem worth living.The only way to be spontaneous is to be spontaneous.

Aquarius: Sometimes I wake up from a dream and I immediately begin to forget it. I have little flashes of the dream to remember, but forget the parts I really try not to. I had a dream about a new sculptor. In the dream so many people had to remind me his name, and when I woke, the name was gone from my mind. I feel this way outside of those subconscious dreams, too. For example, I had so many dreams about how my life would be at this point. It’s nothing like I imagined it to be. In some ways, I am proud of the success I have had, and I enjoy the outsider’s perspective of who they think I am, but I also feel powerless against the things I want. I feel as though my desires are shattering before my eyes. I have no other goals except the ones I have now. I feel as though I am being forced to forget these dreams, just as I do when I wake from sleeping. They say you’re in control of your own destiny, but trust me, sometimes you can’t do it alone, and finding help to travel down destiny lane with you can seems impossible. I suggest you take my advice, and if you’ve got something good, don’t let go of it. Any sudden move can really screw up your future, Aquarius. Or it can be great, but you don’t know, and knowing is half the battle.

Pisces: For years of my life I didn’t eat salt. I didn’t add it to a recipe, really, and I certainly never added it to the end result of a dish. It seemed unhealthy and I also had severe body issues clogging up my 90-pound body and brain. Then I moved to Tucson. The hot, hot heat was unbearable for me. I would just drink so much water and feel so dehydrated all the time. I was drinking glass after glass, not urinating, and feeling so bloated. One day someone said, “You need to drink a little bit of salt water.” By explaining how the kidneys work, and how I needed to able to have a way for some of that water to not just flush right through me, this person taught me to appreciate the values of salt. Why does it sometimes take a second opinion, Pisces? Well, sometimes we become stubborn with an idea, so much so that when given another idea about it, we learn to understand it that much more. You don’t have to get salty about it. Just accept it.  

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