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Spirit Astrology: Your Weekly Dose of Hyperlocal Spiritual Advice (May 9, 2017)

Aries: Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant. I got pregnant, and right away it was showing. I had all of these challenges throughout the dream, which included me building a giant structure, falling down, and trying to find clothes that would fit me. All the while, I was trying to protect this baby from getting hurt. Here’s what I think this represented for me: I think I have some sincere love growing quickly in me that feels like it’s being tested. In my dream, I got through every challenge, although I was afraid of each. When I woke up today, I channeled that love. I recognized the challenges it gives me. I decided, as I had to in my dream, that there is no way I can let go of this love, I just must protect it, despite the challenges it gives me. This knowledge is making me feel righteous and good about protecting my love. I’m not just going to let it get hurt or die because I have a giant structure to build, I am going to treat it with care. Aries, we all have such challenges, and the only way we can pass through them is to protect what we have within us. Cherish what you have, and be strong with it.

Taurus: I went out for First Friday this past week, and I visited a spot on Girard. The old Keys To The Attic building is now some design firm. They had these delicious margaritas they’d made, and the folks who own the place were incredibly friendly. It was a nice experience for me, to do something like this, which I would have not ever done, had their event not taken place. Taurus, if you’re feeling like there is a part of you that wants to try something new, you should really take the opportunity. You won’t know what’s out there for you, unless you give yourself the chance. Open your mind to new things, try new things, and if you’re in need for a design for a business, I recommend giving this place a try.

Gemini: When you don’t have a safe place to be, it can feel like you’re stuck in time. I had a pretty rough year recently, and in January, I finally found a safe place. I found a place that is familiar, and full of dreams – made and in the making (or so it  seemed). I’ve stayed in this safe place, experiencing for the  first time in a long time – ME. I was in control. I developed a routine, I practiced yoga, I was cooking again. I had moments in the day where I felt so light and free. This place has felt like safe place for quite some time. Most of my desires lie in this safe place. That’s a funny word for me to use there. “Lie”. You see, they don’t just lie here, rested and creating, but they lie here. To me. It has recently been implied to me that this safe place is not that at all, and maybe never was. It has been implied to me that all of the thoughts I’ve developed here in my safe place have been untrue. And now, I am left in some dangerous places. Gemini, you never know what life may bring you. Wherever your heart lies, be sure it’s not being lied to.

Cancer: I’ve got a few issues that require some decent brain candy for fixin’. One of these things is a debilitating anxiety disorder. A strange overwhelming thoughtless struggle that I can not control on my own. It grows on its own against my wishes. It’s like a cancer (not you) that lies dormant and suddenly – BOOM! – you’re life expectancy has just been drastically cut down, via the news of a doctor. I will be living a happy life, and then walks in anxiety. Like an unknown storm. I didn’t know it was going to be this windy. Anxiety is the kind of sickness that causes an upset stomach, trembling hands, dry mouth, uncontrollable tears, paralyzation of the mind, etc. I try to take deep breaths, but the fear of it not going away or creating itself a worse way of affecting me keeps me from letting it go. It takes over me. I try to make sense of it, but there’s no use in that. So, I take a daily medicine that subsides the daily pain, and makes it more sporadic or localized by a trigger. Cancer, we all have something we can’t control. I guess we just have to treat this with the only ways we know how. Seek guidance, help, and comfort when you need to. Don’t let this thing be your master, let it be your enemy.

Leo: Why is it that when you’re sick with a fever, no one is telling you to get up and do something? Why does a fever allow rest to recover, but when you’re depressed, you’re told to snap out of it. You can’t snap out of food poisoning or a severe case of colitis. Yet, depression is a thing you’re supposed to be able to control on your own? It makes little to no sense to me. Lately, friends of mine with greater life success stories than I (currently, anyhow) keep telling me I just need to get myself under control and figure things out. What I am hearing is,”Dude, get out of your wheelchair and WALK already!”. They say, “You got this. Just wing it.”, but if I could wing anything, it would be my arms, and I would fly away. I may be in a cataclysmic state in need of a paradigm shift, but I need to recover before I can move forth. Leo, “Don’t sweat what you heard, but act like you know” -ATCQ.

Virgo: I don’t remember a time in my life where I have hurt someone that much. The times I have hurt people, have been when they have hurt me first, and my poor case of reacting has led me to say mean things about them or me. I’m a hard working person. The thing I work hardest for in this life has been succeeding in my relationships with people. I try to be a good sister, a good daughter, a good friend, a good employee, and a good girlfriend. I grew up in a tiny row home with three brothers and I shared a room with one brother or another until I was about 18 or 19 years old. In our house, my brothers and I fought a lot with each other, and we fought a lot with our parents. My parents, on the other hand, never fought at all with each other, really. Perhaps this is how my brothers and I (with otherwise no option anyway) learned forgiveness. Of each and every of those 5 household members, I don’t think that one of us has an enemy. I don’t think of us all to be perfect, but we are kind and caring people. In my life, whenever I have been wronged, I have forgiven and I have moved on, trying to remain in a friendship with this person. Some of these people have wronged me very much, and I still try to at least remain an affinity for this person. Virgo, you’re a grudge holder, and I think this to be a burden on your soul. I think it’s time to try to open up, to reach out to at least one of the people you hold a grudge against, and apologize to them for the distance. It’s will lift the weight that holds you back.

Libra: As I get older, I leave the house less and less. I am often in the state of, ”all dressed up and nowhere to go”. My wardrobe, despite this newfound change, is still full of great clothes dying to be worn. So I wear them anyway, just around my house. I would like to have a place to wear these clothes, but when I am home, I am often alone. I have a new goal that is to try to get out at least once a week to wear these clothes. I enjoy things like a nice dinner out, an evening with my girlfriends, or what if I bit the bullet and went out dancing? Gettin older shouldn’t control my life, except everyone around me is getting older, too. Libra, if you’re feeling in a state of stagnation, I say follow me on this journey! Go buy yourself a new little outfit that you feel great in, and make a plan to get out there and have some fun. I don’t know where people can go dancing, but I, myself, have been craving something as simple as an evening seeing some music after dinner and maybe even a few drinks. If you’re my friend, and you are reading this, please invite me somewhere! If you’re not, invite your friends somewhere! Let’s get this party started!

Scorpio: I remember the smell of a dead mouse. I remember sweat appearing out of nowhere, and I remember the dress I wore. I remember the uneven eyebrows we looked at, the weightlessness, the freedom, the joy. I remember it all. It’s as if the day came, and I only made one cup of coffee, and I’ve since regretted not making two – one for you. I remember someone else’s heart, and I remember the snow falling so much. I remember the fear of the first time, and I remember never feeling fear at all. Scorpio, you’re a sentimental being. It’s easy to live in the past especially when life seems elsewhere now. Perhaps you have moments where you say to yourself, “This isn’t living”, and perhaps you are correct. What changes can you make to solve this? You’ve already miss the kite festival in Penn Treaty, you’ve already been judged to believe who you are isn’t who you should be. So what’s next? Remember the hole in the tree branches. Remember the ice we slept on. Remember the little bird, and remember there was a future then. If you can get with that, you might just see one now. If you don’t, call me, we can figure it out together.

Sagittarius: As often as I can, I go to Danger Salon to get a little grooming. I went last week, and was yet again satisfied with my experience. My dog friend Simone came along with me, and was treated like the Queen Beast that she is. Afterwards, I took Simone to two separate parks, and a long walk. Simone is a sweet girl, who has been my constant companion for the last few months. She let’s me know when she wants to sunbathe, she heads to the fridge when she wants a treat, and she lays on the couch with me when I am feeling like a rest. A dog really is a (wo)man’s best friend sometimes. I don’t know what my life would have been like over the past little while had she not been my housemate all the while. She is affectionate and sweet. If you’ve got a little Simone like creature in your life, Sagittarius, you better be treating that little thing like the magical beast it is. The more love you give, the more you get (or so they say).

Capricorn:  It is currently Sunday morning, as I write this. My social media feeds are full of happy faces, post the Broad Street Run. Running a marathon like that takes practice. Normally, you don’t just wake up one day as a marathon runner. Perhaps you’ve ran in the past, so you think you are capable, but you need to get back into it in order to succeed. Some days you may run and feel great and empowered. Other days, you may not have the energy to run at all. You know inside of you, you want to stick to running and one day be the winner in a marathon. So you must keep trying. To give up on this challenge could later make you feel like  a failure. If you’re currently in a challenge of sorts, use this metaphor to get where you want to be: you can succeed with what you have in your means. You can win this particular marathon. It just takes patience, it takes care, and it may take hard days of getting out there to try. However, you can not give up. You may have the best running shoes, and the coolest gear, but they mean nothing unless you teach yourself to run. Don’t give up, Capricorn. Put on those running shoes now, look at yourself in the mirror and be okay with where you are now — a future winner of this very marathon.

Aquarius: The theme song from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air starts with this lyric, “Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.” We all have moments like this and mine was just recently (for the many-ith time). I was having a regular day, things seemed pretty good. I was enjoying the moments of joy within this day, and a sudden conversation arose. I had no idea of what was really happening, as it put me into a state of shock. Shock, as we know it, can make us behave in uncertain ways. Ways we didn’t know we had in us. Sometimes, the shock makes you strong, and you get up and act like a hero. Other times, the news can put you into a state of shock that shuts down any rational movement your entire being might otherwise know. My reaction to the shock was of the latter. I’ve since been trying to process this. A life of joy, of love, of happiness and stability went from a seemingly high percentage, to the lowest low I have known in a long time. My heart and my body have been suffering since then. As that theme song goes along with the TV show, the Fresh Prince gets a second chance. My second chance was taken away. Aquarius, if you’re with me in a similar feeling, I suggest you fight for your chances. Be true to yourself, be true to your needs and take this knowledge into your way of swaying others to join you. If you don’t try your hardest to get what you want, you may never succeed in seeing the success you deserve.

Pisces: I say Peanut Chews are my favorite candy. I buy them by the bag at the grocery store. I am not sure if it’s true anymore that these are my favorite, but I do know that I like them. I know that, as a vegan teenager, they were basically the only acceptable candy to eat. I wonder if I should give up the nostalgia and try something new? Eliminate the “favorite”, and see if I miss it. This is a good motto to have with many things in life. I have been recently trying the elimination diet of life by way of pros and cons lists. Peanut Chews remain on the pros list, as it were, among other things I feel uncertain about. Other things are set in stone. The cons list for me is always little or questioned, because I don’t like to not like things. Whatever truth you need to challenge, I think now is the time. The weather is rainy a lot, the skies are grey, and a heavy weight of change is upon you. Be prepared, Pisces.

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