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Spirit Astrology: Your Dose of Hyperlocal Spiritual Advice

Aries: In the hit show “Fishing With John”, there is an episode starring Willem Defoe in which he and the host, John Lurie,  go ice fishing. As they’re preparing to catch their fish in some 18 degrees below zero temperatures, they have a discussion about a man who lost his arms in an accident and drove himself to the hospital using his head. This may not be true, but the moral is courage. Certainly this man didn’t want to lose his arms, and surely he probably considered dying en route to the hospital, driving with his head while bleeding a lot. Yet, courage brought him there. Take this story into your coming weeks as a guide to remember how powerful you are, and let nothing stop you from getting where you need to go.

Taurus: In “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, the main character, Gregor Samsa, wakes one morning to find himself transformed into an insect. I read this novella in high school and I remember arguing with my best friend about whether or not Gregor was actually transformed, or if this was some sort of metaphor for his feelings. It appears, upon further thought, either way the story works to describe his troubles. Taurus, have you transformed into something disgusting? Or do you just feel like you have? You need to figure out which of these is your truth before resolving your inner self. Good luck to you.

Gemini: I watched a series on Netflix called “Don’t Call Me Crazy” about the lives of adolescents living in a mental health unit. One of the girls living there suffered from OCD. She would do strange little things like tap her mattress seven times before laying in her bed. By the time she was released, she had overcome many of her obsessions. As a perfectionist, perhaps you’ve got strange little obsessions and ways about you that you could begin to overcome to put you at ease. For example, Gemini is always annoyed by some sort of pet peeve. What is about this that bothers you so much? Why not overcome it and let things exist as they do.

Cancer: When is bread going to come back in style? This delicious, beautiful food, paired very well with most things, has been shoved out the door for a few years now. People I know who love bread opt not to eat it, because they’re often avoiding carbs. This is absurd. Limiting yourself from the things you enjoy is silly. I suppose I could believe in the adage of “anything in moderation”. Yet, why not indulge in what you love? Cancer, you’re a free-spirited type of person, often led by what inspires you. Go ahead and find something you love and really allow yourself to enjoy it. Go to La Calombe, buy a baguette and eat the whole thing. Whatever it is you choose to enjoy, be sure to do it guilt-free.

Leo: Once I found out where a boy I had a crush on lived. I went to his house, took a photo of it, painted a picture of his house and then I mailed it to him. Weeks later, I saw him at a performance, and I asked him if he liked my painting. He was shocked to find out it was from me, and said he had hung it on his wall. This started a sweet, understood friendship between the two of us. Are you feeling romantic these days, Leo? If you’re single, and if you’ve got a crush on someone, maybe go to where they work and draw a picture of them and leave it for them with a note. If you’re seeing someone, draw a picture of them with a love note, and leave it somewhere they will find it like a coat pocket or inside of their shoe. It’s always good to keep the magic alive, especially when it’s in your astrological nature.

Virgo: A Philadelphia native friend of mine who’s been living in NY for many years now came to visit over the weekend. We took an uber from Center City to the corner of Girard and Frankford. He exited the car and, taking in the scenery, commented, “Wow, that was a short trip to Williamsburg.” He looked around and immediately noticed Fette Sau and Barcade as two Brooklyn landmarks as well. There’s so many complaints about all of this newness from locals, but Brooklyn is really cool. We live in a city, why not let it feel like one? People will travel the world to see different things in other cities, yet exclude themselves from the happenings in their own home. Virgo, don’t be one of these people. Get out and experience the history and the new delightful pleasures our major metropolitan city has to offer.

Libra: Once, in bed with a boyfriend, I began reading a poem from a Rilke book to him. I read every poem in the whole book aloud. I thought I was reading them to him, but it turned out he was sleeping. I didn’t feel discouraged, because I knew somehow he knew. Maybe you feel like lately you have been working hard on trying to impress someone or let them know you care with kind gestures. If it seems like they’re not paying attention, but do not be discouraged, Libra. They are noticing everything you do. They may not know how to express back to you what you want them to, but they’re taking it all in with the sentiment you’re sharing.

Scorpio: I began writing this here horoscope as an example during the election. Since then, we have Trump coming into office and he says a lot of things that sometimes seem hard to believe. So — taking some advice from the past — as someone who is pretty steady in their heart, the past few days have weighed you down in a shocking way. In 1859, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech that popularized the age-old adage “This too shall pass.” Instead of paying too much attention to our current President-Elect’s  words, focus on the words of Honest Abe. Don’t go building walls around problems you’re creating. Instead, just ride out this term until the next.

Sagittarius: When I was a teen, and into my early twenties, my father and I didn’t have much of a relationship. I figured it was just going to be that way forever. As I got older, I realized how wrong I was. He was the guy who taught me about musi and introduced me to my favorite movies.Although rather strict, he didn’t just let me be myself — he encouraged it. Now, my father is one of the closest people to me. I can be more candid with him than even some of my best friends. He doesn’t judge me, he actually really enjoys me. Maybe there is someone in your life that you have felt like you’re forced to be in a relationship with? Well, Sagi, it is time to realize how much that person means to you and how much they’ve helped to form the real you. Maybe just touch in with them and say hello. It could change your relationship for the better and help you to remember who you really are.

Capricorn: Noted! If you’re a big fan of my astrology (which I am sure you are), you know that last week I sang a different song about your overly stimulated, workaholic, yet incredibly sweet little self. And so it goes… There is a lot of love surrounding you. Maybe you even have people letting you know they appreciate you or asking you for guidance as someone they trust? Take pride in this, Capricorn. Reel in the good feelings around you. You’re often too caught up in one particular moment in your mind that you forget how many moments there are. Maybe you’re trying to avoid some, but now is your time to experience them all. In the coming weeks, so many moments will delight you if you let them.

Aquarius: On Friday night, I went to the Fillmore to see some friends play. It’s a lovely, huge space with all kinds of rooms and bars, and the backstage was cozy. I’d been there only once before to see some other friends play. I realized after the second time that I only ever go to see music anymore when it is my friends playing. Is it that I am getting old, or is it that I don’t care as much as I once did? As a fellow Aquarius, join me to make this our year of getting out more. See a band play, go to a party where you don’t know many people, try a new yoga class. A known Aquarian trait is our extroverted behavior, so let’s use it to meet new people and experience life a little bit more this year.

Pisces: On a walk with my boyfriend this past summer, we stopped into Jinxed on Frankford Ave. to take a gander. It was full of so many little treasures, but I was particularly drawn to the old photos that day. It seemed as though they were selling multiple photo albums worth of one family’s pictures. I looked through them, witnessing their children grow, remembering birthdays for them. I wondered how these ended up here. I also wondered how our lives will now be documented in picture form, considering this digital age. My friend Ryan Collerd had an opening for his photography this past Saturday evening  (up until Feb. 25 at Gravy Studio in NoLibs). He’s one of the only people I know who is still developing photos. If there’s something you feel like hanging on to to keep it real, I say go for it.

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