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Spirit Astrology: Your Dose of Hyperlocal Spiritual Advice (December 14, 2016)

Aries: Philadelphia’s beloved Benjamin Franklin writes in his poem “Death is a Fisherman”: “For if they take one of the smaller fry, they throw him in again, he shall not die.” The fisherman wants a bigger fish, and the greed in this delights him. The worth of the small fry means little to him. Well, on the topic of small fries, I recently ate at Bait and Switch in Port Richmond. It appears the fisherman caught my catch of the day in a size worth keeping, and yet it was served with fries so small I needed a fork to eat them. Like the fisherman, I saw little interest in my own small fries at first, but they tasted so nice, I accepted the useage of my fork to eat them. No way was I throwing these back! Maybe you’ve seen little worth in whatever your small fry is, lately, Aries? Maybe it’s time to accept the goodness in this, and be fully satisfied with what you’ve got.

Taurus: Last night, I had a dream that I was laying in bed with my ex-boyfriend and a strange dog appeared in his house. This is the second dream I have had in under a week about mysterious dogs showing up in his house. Two separate dreams, two separate dogs. What could my subconscious mind be trying to tell me? Is it even relevant to think about this? Our subconscious mind is ours, Taurus. It seems it’s often thought of as another realm or a second half of us that we can’t always control. Not true. In the coming days, it will appear clear to you, that you are going to need to dig into your own subconscious to make sense of some things in your life. Don’t be confused, these thoughts are nothing but yours.

Gemini: This past Halloween, I went to Shenanigans with two of my favorite ladies. It was a nice place to be: Not too loud, easy crowd, everyone sort of doing their own thing. Over drinks and laughs, my one gal pal shouted at the TV screen as the Cubs played. As all things come to an end, or so it’s said, this bar is no longer. It closed and will reopen as another bar, mimicking the likes of the rest of the popular bars in the neighborhood. Something about this makes me feel a little sad, and yet, maybe it will be my new favorite place to hang. Gemini, it’s not easy for you to accept these sorts of changes, but haven’t you learned yet that change can be good? This year is about to end and another to come. I am hoping you’re feeling open to this change, because you’re in store for some new beginnings.

Cancer: Artist Hank Schmidt in der Beek recently teamed up with photographer Fabian Schubert to make a series of work where they traveled to beautiful destinations where Hank set up his easel to simply paint the print of his shirt, while Schubert documented this. The images I saw of this blew me away entirely. Not quite all the way to Germany, where I was hoping to meet this Hank and propose to him. But it did, however, blow my imagination into new places. I felt so inspired after seeing this work. Cancer, you’re known to be one of the more creative of our zodiac, and yet you often forget how your imagination carries onto others. It’s time to start sharing your creativity with others. Show them what you’re up to and let them be inspired.

Leo: Fishtown local artiste extraordinaire and fellow Leo, Gillian Chadwick, recently took the risk of adding a new line to her lovely company, “Elemental Child.” She creates beautiful crowns and other jewelry as well. She’s been using crystals for years to create her crowns and recently added a precious metal crown with additional stones to form her “Laurel Crown.”  I’ve known Gillian for many years, and she has always been driven to thrive in her own element. As far as I can tell, she has always succeeded. A risk-taker by nature, she appears unafraid. Let her be a guide for you, Leo. Don’t forget that taking chances can end in great success for you.

Virgo: I recently wrote to the Mars chocolate company suggesting they make a pistachio M&M. They wrote me back thanking me for my “thoughtful idea,” but added they are not allowed to take unsolicited ideas from consumers. I mean, I get it, but I really do hope they make them anyway, regardless if they’re called “Sharon’s Thoughtful Idea Pistachio M&M’s” or not. The traditional Virgo is full of good ideas that are often shared and carried out by others, but maybe it’s time to make that change. For 2017, I dare you to come up with one of your grand ideas and let it be know that it is yours. Be sure to be given and take ultimate credit, and watch your name light up on the marquee of life.

Libra: A long time lover of the Biz Markie song, “Just A Friend”, I was hurt to recently realize there’s an original version of this written by Freddie Scott entitled, “You Got What I Need”. I felt cheated or fooled. Humiliated, even. Libra, you are a loyal person, but you may have some people around you feeling fooled as of late. If you want them to remain loyal to you, I would suggest being very open and honest with them. The Spirit’s Accu-Reggie is predicting some bone chilling temperatures coming up this week. Be sure not to let the people around you feel like they’re left in the cold.

Scorpio: If you’re feeling good as of late, I suggest you carry on with what you’re doing. If you’re feeling a little more like happiness is a warm gun, clearly some things need to change. You ride a pretty steady surface, Scorpio. I would try to keep afloat as best you can. Soaring above isn’t natural for you, and diving below is always dark. Maybe try throwing in your life preserver, but using it as a way to just sit and float alone until you’re ready to come back to the rest of us. I suppose first, figure out what your life preserver really is.

Sagittarius: Front Street Gym (actually located on Clearfield Street) was the setting for the most recent Rocky movie, “Creed.” The gym was a place for Donnie, Apollo Creed’s son, to gain the strength and insight he will eventually need to fight his opponent, Pretty Ricky. The gym itself poses only as the stepping stone to the big picture. (SPOILER ALERT!!) In the end, Ricky defeats Donnie, but Donnie is not discouraged. If we are lucky, many more Rocky movies will be made so we can see Donnie achieve victory. Alas, Sagittarius, you’ve got to work toward what you want. There’s never room to stop learning what you will need to eventually defeat your opponents. Keep this in mind for your next endeavor.

Capricorn: The sun is about to rise in Capricorn, which means things are about to get serious. It’s time to sit down and have yourself a year-in-review. It’s time to make a list of the things you’ve accomplished and the things you hope to. As a forward thinker, it’s hard for you to revisit parts of your past without feeling like maybe they’re not a part of you at all. Well, down to the cheeseburger you ate when you were 5 to the recurring dream you had as a teenager, every part of your past is a part of you now, Capricorn. Don’t be afraid of your past. Let it excite you. Now, make a list of the things you haven’t accomplished and finish what’s been started.

Aquarius: It may seem like this past year has been full of strange ways. It’s as if luck can only take you so far. Maybe you had the job you wanted and lost it, or the lover you wanted and lost them. Maybe the living situation of your dreams was yours, and now where did it go? It seems the bitmoji that best describes you is “The Struggle Is Real.” Well, Aquarius, maybe what’s really happening is that there is no such thing as luck, and you’ve got to get off your high horse and realize your wish is your command. I urge you to end this year realizing you can be only your own destiny.

Pisces: In the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, Eddie Valiant asks Jessica Rabbit, “Seriously, what do you see in that guy” in reference to her love for Roger. Her response is, “He makes me laugh”. I’ve loved this quote since the first time I saw this movie. I certainly let a lot fall by the wayside in order to  feel good sometimes. Pisces can be unfortunately judgemental at times; not seeing the true beauty in things. Putting a guard up. Yet, little do you know how easy it is to see things more simply? Give it a try and see how it makes you feel. Don’t be afraid to write a comment about this, I would love to know your outcome.

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