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Spirit Astrology: Your Dose of Hyperlocal Spiritual Advice (February 1, 2017)

Aries: I hope you’re with me when I say that I cannot believe the recent works of our president. I was so saddened to hear about the denial of families entering our country. I know this Aries gal named Lauren. She is one of these types who doesn’t need to think before she speaks (to a fault? Who’s to say?) and she has helped me in so many ways. In 2007, I wrote her an email asking what the percent chance was that she would (spend her own money to) fly out to Arizona, where I was living, and spend a good five days driving back to Philly with me. In two days, I was picking her up from the airport and, within a few days, we were on our way back to Philly. It was an amazing time. Seems like a good time to drop what you think is important to you and think what’s important for those around you. This could change the life of one person, or an entire nation.

Taurus: I know this guy named Chris Kleinberg. I grew up with him and I guarantee my challenges in life are now made easier by our past relationship. Chris never made me feel like I couldn’t do something I thought I couldn’t. As a matter of fact, he challenged me to do it and do it right. With bets. But that’s another story. Taurus, if you’re feeling a little under the weather with whatever it is you’re doing — STOP. Remember your capabilities and carry on. Challenge yourself. Let someone hand you a saw and cut wood. Feel capable and do it. This is your year to thrive. Take a walk on trash night and remember our community is a little different. Find some fancy new-to-you rug, even if it’s drenched in rain and know what you can carry it home. Put it on your bike and try. Don’t just feel like Maximus the Gladiator, but BE Maximus the Gladiator. Dress to impress, Taurus. You got this.

Gemini: The theme in this week’s Astrology is recognizing some people I know for something I like about them. My reasoning for this involves feeling proud of people I know lately. I am proud of the stands people everywhere are taking for what they believe in and I hope this all pays off in the end. However, this is also a good time to recognize what we have. I happen to recognize a great community of people around me, who I find to be do-gooders not just now, but always. Gemini, you are a leader in your own right and this is something you always recognize within yourself. I urge you to humble yourself a bit and stand with your community. Give shout-outs to those around you who you believe in. We all got feet down below our knees, so we ought to come together.

Cancer: A Port Richmond native and dear friend of mine, Anthony Smyrski (of Megawords and Random Embassy), is a doer. Like most Cancers, he just can’t stop doing. He wants to do all the time, it’s almost hard for me to keep up with him. With nearly 20 years of friendship, he calls me out on bailing or not wanting to hang (but he is always doing something cool) with the wildest and best ball-busting words. Cancer, you are going to do what you want to do, no matter what. Maybe you have the greatest ideas of this, involving your favorite friends (and I am happy to be one of his), but don’t let this sway you. He never does. Instead, he tells me what a good time he had without me. Cancer, you’re quite an individual. Nothing stands in your way. If something is feeling like it does lately, let it go and come back to it. You will somehow always have something you want.

Leo: MSG, known otherwise as Monosodium Glutamate (or to the laymen, “My, So Good!”), is known by the FDA to be not only safe to eat, but also a non-issue. Yet, we pretend it’s some sort of magical sleep-aid, like Tryptophan. Tryptophan is known to be what makes one sleepy after consuming Thanksgiving dinner. It’s funny to single out Tryptophan for our food comas and disregard the endless carbs we eat with those meals. Leo, my prideful friend, if you don’t check your facts, you could be causing drowsiness. Don’t just stick with what you know, or what you think you know, be sure to know what you know, you know?

Virgo: Procrastination isn’t always a bad thing, so long as whatever you’re putting off gets done in the end. Sometimes we lack inspiration or motivation to do something, even if it is something we love. We are heading into the second month of 2017 and you may be feeling under-accomplished already. The perfect little person you strive to be may be feeling like naps or walks or chores are more enjoyable than what you ought to be doing instead. This may have you feeling guilty, as your need to be in control of what you’re doing, and lately that’s not been your deal. Don’t worry, Virgo. Sometimes recharging is more important than going, going, going. You don’t need to feel like you’re wasting your time, but see this as shedding your skin. When you’ve rested and recharged, what will come will be more than you expected.

Libra: A recent trip to Circle Thrift had me drooling over this little white table. It was so perfectly built, strong and clean. Somehow it was only selling for a mere $20. I wanted it so badly, yet I don’t have a place for a table right now and $20 is a lot to me these days. This put me in a daydream that took me everywhere I wanted to be. I was in a room painted how I like it, filled with plants that I chose to bring into some home that I had, and there was that little white table in all its glory. I suppose some call it meditation or visualization, but I call it daydreaming and it’s a happy place for me. If you’re struggling to find your happy place, Libra, go ahead and give daydreaming a try. Close your eyes and have everything you want. I hear the more you do this, the easier it is to achieve these things. Good luck to you.

Scorpio: In last week’s issue of Spirit News, Baldspot comic creator, Gregory Labold, threw in a little dash of awesome by writing a comic including yours truly and my Astrology. I barely know him at all, but I do know his wild, artistic presence throughout the Fishtown community and beyond. I was so excited and privileged to see he thought enough of me, as a newly named Fishtown community member, to add me into his art. Scorpio, you are always thriving, as it’s your nature. People look at the Scorpio and think they’d like to be more like you. Why not incorporate them? You love what others do, so why not throw them a piece of yourself? You’re likely to feel guilty if someone does this for you, so go the other route. Find someone who inspires you, and figure a way to let them know!

Sagittarius: Sometimes you need to feel inspired, even after your project is done. My friend and local “doesn’t give a shit what you think” extraordinaire, Joey Sweeney, wrote an awesome article about a solo show I had in July. He is quoted as saying, “I have known Sharon Isabel Curley for many years, and during that entire run, she has always been and remained to be one of the most peaced-out, follow-your-muse type of people I know.” Joey has been more than a supporter of my art (see my sketch of Kellyanne Conway for his amazing article on Philebrity.com), but also someone who has always needed help when I need money. From house-and-dog-sitting for him for many years, to getting a chance to contribute to his online publication, he has always reached out at the perfect time. Sagittarius, don’t always waits for people to reach out to you. This is your time to follow Joey’s lead and reach out to someone else. Your payoff will benefit you both.

Capricorn: I like the sort of days where I can look out of one window to see a blue sky and out of another window, all I see is grey. Sometimes we tend to feel like this: partly cloudy. If this is you lately, I suggest staring out of your sunny window a little bit longer. In fact, go ahead and cover up the cloudy window altogether. This is not to avoid what’s hovering heavily over you, but to allow yourself a little freedom from it. If work has you stressed — or a project, a relationship, whatever it may be — don’t let it hover over you right now. Get out into the sunny sky and be who you are, enjoy what makes you feel good. If it’s true that we ever deserve anything, than this is your time to deserve a little you time surrounded by your own sunny sky.

Aquarius: It’s our time to shine, my fellow Aquarians! Celebrating ourselves or having others celebrate our existence is something we very much enjoy. Don’t pretend like you don’t like this, but seek it. Take a few compliments, some kind words and well wishes, and let yourself be the person you want to be, if at least for the day that is yours. Feel the love that you crave. Stretch out your days with your favorite people. Let someone know your birthday is coming (or that it’s just passed) and guilt-trip people into hanging out with you. We are not a shameful breed and we take pride in this secretly all year. However, this is a time we don’t have to feel bad at all about wanting attention. Happy birthday, buddies. Whenever yours is or was, I hope it’s a good year for us!

Pisces: I lived in a small shotgun apartment in Tucson for a few years. The weather was normally warm and sunny, so I often kept my back door open, as it posed as a window (of which there were otherwise only two). The desert winds would blow the dirt from the outside into my kitchen. I would sweep it out, and it would blow back in. I’d sweep it out again, and it would blow back in again. This was a repetitive chore I did almost daily. It never occurred to me to be in any way annoying. I actually sort of enjoyed this task. Perhaps you’re feeling a little bit like you can’t keep the dirt out? Maybe you don’t feel like constantly sweeping it out of your back door. You have the option of closing the door, but then you miss out on natural light and a delightful breeze. Whatever the dirt you’re trying to keep out of your life is, Pisces, I predict it’s not that bad. Just don’t let it get to you, and keep it in control in whatever way you need to. You will benefit from this dirt somehow.

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