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Spirit Astrology: Your Dose of Hyperlocal Spiritual Advice (January 4, 2017)

  Aries:  New year’s resolutions are often forgotten shortly within the first days or weeks or months of the year. There is this moment where the resolution is made and your spirit is lifted, and everything seems like it will change. Yet, you are only you and your dedication to things is of your own control. The Aries of the zodiac are often full of ideas that are usually fulfilled, but only after a long period of procrastination. Maybe your resolution this year can begin with a long period of procrastinating, and perhaps you can set a goal for a few months from now. For example, if you want to stop smoking, say you’ll quit by May. If you want to go on a diet, give yourself the whole year to lose weight. I’d suggest even making a longer term goal. Do a five year plan. Whatever you choose to accomplish, you most certainly will in the end.

  Taurus: As I am writing this horoscope from River Wards Cafe, there is a woman on her computer at one table, and another woman very openly and unashamed gazing over her shoulder to see what the first woman is doing, and I am watching her watch her. I wonder if anyone is watching me? I am sitting behind a man who smells like a fresh shower. I wonder if he thinks he smells as nice as I think he does? Wonder is a beautiful thing. The pragmatic Taurus that you often are should take this year of 2017 to dream a little more. Allow yourself to wonder and not be so practical all the time. Life is what dreams are made of, whether you want to accept that or not.

  Gemini: Sometimes we describe a feeling as being “cloudy.” Maybe it’s hangover, maybe it’s a memory. It’s just not quite clear. It doesn’t feel quite right. Why is that? What’s so wrong with a cloudy day? You could see these days like a warm cozy hug. Everything seems to slow down just a little bit. 2016 was a rough year for a lot of people, and you kept powering through it. Let 2017 be a year of calm. Instead of looking at things like raining on your parade, try to let yourself relax and not mind the hassle this year. Take the words that make up the title of one of my favorite books, “The Unbearable Lightness Of Being”, by Milan Kundera as your motto for your feelings.

  Cancer:  I spent the spring and summer of last year working for Haley Trikes (located in the Transport Cycle building on Frankford Ave). I can’t say I have had more fun at a job in years. Myself and the two other people I worked with spent so much time laughing, I could completely forget about my unbearable anxiety I was suffering from during that time. At some point I started taking meds for my anxiety, and the laughter dwindled. Cancer, an often dryer personality type of the zodiac, can simply enjoy other people’s enjoyment without ever creating their own. 2017 should be a year for you to find ways to laugh uncontrollably without substance, but with free, pure enjoyment of thyself.

  Leo:  In the past few months, I have revisited “The Wizard Of Oz” more times than I can count. Everytime, without fail, I allow my feelings to become so involved that I am taken aback everytime Oz is figured out to be not so mighty, after all. Although he’s able to grant the wishes of the characters who came for his help, he does it in such a simple way. The Tin Man was so happy to have a ticking heart for all to see. The Scarecrow has a diploma, and the Lion his medal of courage (after his incredible song and dance performance). Back in Kansas, Dorothy wakes up from a dream that was so real to her. Leo, this is your year to remember that your grand ideas of your wishes being granted can come in a form you never knew, and granted in ways you would have never expected.

  Virgo: As I traveled through Fishtown, Port Richmond and Kensington this New Year’s Day, I was happy to see the sprawl from the parade carry over into these neighborhoods, where particular brigades originate from. I often wonder why people complain about thousands of people gathering and enjoying themselves in complete disregard for rules for one day of the year. Seeing Mummers in all their glory in their own neighborhoods, with any “brave” soul out to see them was a true beauty carried from the trash ridden streets of South Philadelphia. Let 2017 bring you the joy these people feel on this one day, Virgo. Strut your stuff this year!

  Libra: As a nurturer, I am sure you can sympathize with me here, Libra. The past few months my therapy sessions have involved me, in one way or another, freaking out about not being on the path to having my own family yet. At my age, this breaks my heart, and is sometimes nearly impossible to accept. Perhaps you can share my sentiment here, because you’ve been having a relatable hardship? Is there something you are just so focused on that seems like an impossible accomplishment at this time in your life? All I can do is avoid the things I want and learn to accept the things I have. I must change my life goals to new goals, and figuring them out is hard, but certainly do-able. Lucky for you, it is in your nature to give comfort. However, it’s time you need to start giving such comfort to yourself. 2017 might be shocking in allowing you to learn this.

   Scorpio: I spent a part of New Year’s Day at Penn Treaty Park. I hadn’t wanted to step foot in that park since July 2, 2016. The day after my first solo art exhibition since returning to Philadelphia from the West Coast, I was riding high that beautiful summer day. I went to Penn Treaty and so much of my life turned to crap right then and there before my eyes. Within seconds, a moment went from joyous to terrifying. Yet, I traveled back to the park to start this year, needing a different attitude, and remembering that it’s not the park’s fault that I had a rough time there. I learned to love the park all over again. Let this be your year to take hard associations away from your memory, and let bygones be bygones.

  Sagittarius: If life has thus far brought you stress within your relationships with friends or family, I suggest it’s time for a change. Sagittarius is often stubborn in their ways. And for no good reason, really. Learn to accept change in a great way. You can start small, like heading to Circle Thrift and purchasing a garment that you normally wouldn’t wear and just rocking it like it’s been yours forever. Or go big, and reach out to a certain someone in one of those struggling relationships to let them know that you are grateful for them. Imagine the power in that vs. continuing to struggle! Your strong and showy personality could use a little humbling this year.

  Capricorn: I recently suggested that 2016 was not so bad on account of all the celebrity deaths, for their art is still available to us in the only forms we knew them to be anyway. Sure, I cried in my mother’s arms in ‘94 when Kurt Cobain died, full of teen angst and plenty of drug use already, breaking down like a little baby because my hero was dead. Yet, I listen to Nirvana nowadays with the same passion for life that I did so many years ago. You never have to let go of your own personal nostalgia. Sometimes incredibly haunting, it can also bring you such cheer like the most innocent and pure joy you’ve ever known right there, filling your heart and soul with a simple memory. Don’t let things get to you so harshly this year, Capricorn. This is your year to really smell the flowers, or at least remember what they smelled like in ways you know and loved in your past.

Aquarius: Sometimes it’s easy to forget things like how much you enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then you eat one, and for a few minutes, life becomes so exciting. It’s like having an itch that you can’t reach and someone scratches it for you and all is well again. 2017 is your year to remember that the end result is always achievable if you have the patience to get there. Take this year with stride. Powering through life is some kind of obstacle you allow yourself, but long slow steps are going to help you more this year. While you’re eating that PB&J, take small bites and chew them slowly. Because if you eat it too fast, you might just crave another. Don’t lose the joy in what you cherish by gunning through life. Remember: Slow and steady wins the race.

  Pisces: Alright, Pisces, looks like you’re the sign that gets the political side of things this time, buddy. My friend often refers to Donald Trump as the “unregistered sex offender president-elect.” As to not start a frenzy, I will just say, I couldn’t love his words more. Fear has been instilled in our human race forever. Hell, death, Trump… you name it. This will certainly be a year for our country to either fall apart or come together. It’s going to be interesting to see what we choose to do. As for you, personally, I suggest letting go of your inner fears and coming together with the people around you this year to learn new ways to enjoy your own life. The world around you is out of your control, but your own little world within you is all yours. Treat it as best you can.

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