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Spirit Astrology: Your Weekly Dose of Hyperlocal Spiritual Advice (March 8, 2017)

Aries: It’s easy to forget about Bjork sometimes. She isn’t really in the news, she doesn’t tour regularly, MTV just isn’t what it used to be, and so out of sight out of mind. Then you put on “Post” and you remember all over again how incredible she is. Spring is creeping up on us and it’s a time for rebirth, blooms and spring cleaning. Seeing how cleaning isn’t really a favorite pastime to most, I suggest you start that part now. You may be surprised to find what has been hiding from you! Maybe it’s money under your bed, or that spare key you’ve been searching for all winter, or maybe you’ll pull out your warm weather clothes and remember that spring dress you love so much. Whatever it is, be prepared for something to amaze you all over again. For motivation in your cleaning, listen to Bjork and remember her too.


Taurus: I used to do stand up comedy here and there. I frequented the comedy shows in Tucson when I lived there and since I have returned to Philadelphia, I’ve yet to involve myself in something like this. However, this past Saturday, I enjoyed a lovely evening at Punch Line, Fishtown’s new comedy club. I didn’t know anything about the performers, but it was a pretty good time! It’s nice to revisit your roots sometimes. It’s good to remember what you enjoy and enjoy it. Taurus, the next time you’re going to see a movie, try the comedy club instead. Or maybe see a show at Johnny Brenda’s or the Fillmore. Go big, discover something you loved and let it be new again. It’s been a moderate winter, but the days are about to get longer and it’s time for you to welcome back what makes you feel good.


Gemini: On a recent drive down Girard Avenue, I noticed a nail salon’s sign had some lights out, so it lit up reading, “AILS.” I thought it would be great if it were a place we could go in our neighborhood that could cure whatever it is that ails us. Not everyone is affected by things so similarly. Yet, as individuals, we really let things get to us and bring us down. No matter what someone says, or how bright the other side looks, still we ail. Dig deep and let go: if you don’t want something to bother you, don’t let it. It’s not healthy to let something really get your goat, so just don’t. Take the time to turn this around into just a thing, or even something you could perhaps find joy in. It’s doesn’t hurt to try.


Cancer:  As adults, we sometimes think that naps are just for children. We forget that here in the States, we are not granted the mid-afternoon siesta, where time is to be taken to yourself. Have you ever been at your job and thought, “If I could just close my eyes for 15 minutes?” I think there are ways around this. A good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Perhaps you hit the hay around 9PM, wake up at midnight and can’t fall back to sleep until 5AM. Maybe your kid is sick, or you wanted to stay up late and watch one more episode of your show on Netflix. Well, don’t get to crazy, but maybe there’s a place for you to hide and get a little shut eye. Don’t be too obvious, of course, but remember that rest is important. Don’t just keep going because you feel like you have to, rest because you need to.

Leo: This past weekend, I traveled downtown and visited the Galleries at Moore, Fleisher Ollman, and the Fabric Workshop. I saw a lot of great stuff, but in particular the Galleries at Moore had me feeling pretty inspired. With not a lot of work on my plate these days, I decided that I needed to get back into making one piece of art per day. Today I wrote this astrology column, tomorrow I will make a shirt, on Wednesday a portrait, etc. I think this will this keep my spirits up and keep me feeling as delighted as I did in the gallery. I think you should follow my lead: Find what inspires you, know why it inspires you, and try to inspire yourself just as well. Feeling dormant can stagnate your skills. It’s an unfortunate time in this beautiful life, but luckily it’s in your control to turn it around. Godspeed, Leo. You got this.


Virgo: The grass is alway greener, Virgo. It’s easy to look at the things you do not have as needs and forget the things you have. This is nice in the form of a pleasant daydream or some meditative visualization, but if you really think this is true, you will have trouble being where you are. Take a look around your house, for example. Find something that you wanted so badly before you got it and think about your thoughts on this object now. It’s meaning can become less once it’s become tangible. It’s the yearning that allows the excitement. Keep your ideas rolling in, keep your dreams for sleeping, and while you’re walking around in the world that you’ve created, remember that you’ve created it, and love it for what it is.


Libra: Libra, you were missed last week. Somehow, in my downloading process of my astrology section, I didn’t even send yours over to Spirit News’ editor. What a sham, right? How could I forget the sign of my own mother, the most nurturing of the signs? Well, thanks to your nurturing ways, I know you will forgive me. Being able to truly forgive someone is a good trait to have — to understand and to accept things for what they are, not what you want them to be. I commend the Libra for having this trait nailed down quite well. I think it’s a good time for you to remember this trait for yours and do some soul searching and some forgiving. I will not let you down again, Libra, but in the meantime, don’t let me down either.


Scorpio: You know that feeling when you get home from a busy day and you take your pants or your bra off? It’s like a sudden sense of ultimate relief that comes over you. It’s as if it wasn’t the things you did in your day, but the damn pants, all of a sudden. It’s a great. Maybe it’s the feeling of a new stretch you’ve never tried, and suddenly it’s like, “OH MY GOD, I didn’t even know I was tight there.” Maybe there’s something in your life that has got you feeling stressed, but you can’t seem to figure out which simple solution can make it go away. Start small and figure it out. Take your pants off, then stretch. Remember it’s something simple and the stress will be alleviated soon.


Sagittarius: Some days I swear to myself that I am not going to leave the house. I get at least half way through the day before forcing myself to take a walk, or mostly though the day before a friend calls who wants to hang out. I feel this necessity to keep to myself for a whole day, so that once I feel the air, see the sun, or speaks to another human, I feel even more alive. It’s moments like these that I swear I know what’s best, but I let something take over and I am greeted with a sense of desire. Where you’ve been feeling like you need alone time more and more lately, I’ve been feeling like you need a break more and more lately. There’s time for yourself, but you may be choosing it all wrong. The next time you feel dedicated to you time, stop right there and switch it up. The outcome will overcome that thought process.


Capricorn: When I was a kid, I had a charm necklace. For some holiday, my dad got me a charm that said “Princess” on it. I never felt like a princess, although I am sure I’ve acted like one at times. The only crown I ever received was for my tooth when I broke in half after smashing my face on the sidewalk. Would I like to be a princess? Sure would! Yet, I am somehow content with not being one and with being where I am. I suppose growing up poor with three brothers and my folks in a tiny row home taught me a lot. My brothers and I were not very competitive with one another, so I don’t feel the need to compete now, I just let others win. I go for what I want, but it’s rare that I get it, and so I go back to before I wanted it and start all over again. We often seek things and work hard. The Capricorn more so that any other sign, works very, very hard. The problem is you work so hard on yourself and not enough on those around you. Think about this and go back to where you were before you knew it. Now, come back to the present and go do something for someone special to you. This person might need it more than you know.


Aquarius: According to Yahoo Answers, there are 53 different types of nuts in the world. According to my mother, there is one type of nut and it’s me. I suppose what’s known as my chosen path, AKA a series of poor decisions, has landed me in a strange place. For the most part, things are staying afloat, but my desires have been nothing but for most of my adult life. The next time someone tells you to follow your heart, Aquarius, flip them the bird and let them know they can f**k off. Following my heart has led me to some pretty low places in life, yet I still romanticize a future of my desires. Is it so wrong? Am I getting too old for this?  Who’s to say what a poor decision really is anyway? Perhaps I would be somewhere else, but I wouldn’t be where I am now — by a fire, next to a dog, writing the astrology column for a local newspaper. I say follow your gut, because it will always take time to digest and then need more.


Pisces: In the quiet there are noises. A clock is ticking, a floor creaks, your cat jumps down from her high horse. Yet, in the quiet there is a peacefulness that we all seem to enjoy. Have you been in search for the quiet sounds lately, Pisces? I can assure you, they’re not hard to come by. Let’s say you’ve picked up your copy of Spirit News at Acme on Girard. Let’s say you drove there. Well, if it’s not too cold, why not park your car as close to the edge and roll your windows down. If it’s sunny, feel it on your skin, if it’s raining, listen to the drops hit the roof of your car. Sit there, quiet, and read the paper. Be not concerned with what’s around you, just sink into the quiet sounds of the cars vrooming along Girard Ave. We all need a little me time now and again and yours is overdo.

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