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Spirit Astrology: Your Weekly Dose of Hyperlocal Spiritual Advice

Aries: I used to live in a magical wonderland with three friends I consider as brothers. We lived in a dirty warehouse in West Philly they named The Avant Gentlemen’s Lodge. My one brother, John, built me a bedroom made up of two brick walls and two plywood walls. Did I mention there was no heat? The brutally cold winters spent there, however, are some of my warmest memories. As a spring baby, cold isn’t really your forte. I urge you to find warmth in your own ways; a lover’s eyes, a cat’s cuddle, or even a fireplace. If you’re warm on the inside, you’re warm on the outside.

  Taurus: A recent trip to the Village Thrift on Kensington Avenue got me a pair of $7 shoes I bet I will never wear. Yet, in the moment I saw them, I was certain I needed them and was full of ideas for pairing them with so many outfits. This year is going to be full of tough decisions for you, Taurus, and living in the moment is not going to be your way to get through them. Instead, you’re going to have to realistically think things through. I know this doesn’t sound very enticing, but your smart moves are going to get you kinged.

  Gemini: A recent dinner date at JB’s had me gazing out the window across Girard, wondering what happened to Palm Tree Market. La Calombe coffee for $2 and endless delicious options from their deli were definitely some local favorites. While I am wondering why the place closed suddenly, I bet your Gemini spirit has barely noticed. You’ve the gift of the Zodiac when it comes to change; completely open and flexible. Don’t lose this trait, for big changes are coming your way and you’re going to need your special little gift when they do.

  Cancer: I studied color therapy while attending college for Naturopathy. I learned many ways of it’s effectiveness, such as light projection, chakra shades, and color guided meditation. This is a very healthy, beautiful way to balance yourself. Lay down, close your eyes and relax. What color do you see? Make that now the color of your mind’s eye. Breathe it in. If you start with a color not so soothing, go through the rainbow until you feel at ease. This is a perfect time for you to find new ways to chill.

  Leo:  These winter temperatures are really all over the place, waking up to a mere 20 degrees on Monday morning and reaching nearly 60 degrees on Thursday (as most likely seen in Spirit News’ Accu-Reggie section). How can this be? Why not just have winter without these warm days? It’s like Mother Nature is going through menopause. What if you made these temperatures relative to the jumping degrees of your emotions, Leo? Your ups and downs have been as frigid as Monday morning and as relieving as Thursday calls for. Are you just allowing this or wondering why? Why not ask yourself this and maybe find a way to level yourself out. Let the weather behave manically.

  Virgo: I am not some crazy fan of pound cake, so when my dad started his yip-yapping about Stock’s bakery on Lehigh, I sort of just shut him out. Then, a few weeks ago, he bought one when I was visiting him for dinner. Pound cake, who knew? It was literally perfect. The taste, the texture, everything. Virgo, is someone trying to tell you something that you’re having trouble hearing? If so, don’t wait for them to prove it, just allow yourself to believe. If  your outcome is as amazing as this pound cake, you will not regret it!

  Libra: I dated a drug addict years ago who did so much speed it was frightening. Knowing addicts and seeing the symptoms is something I am all too familiar with and yet his behavior was beyond anything I’d ever seen. Constantly sweating, never blinking, not eating, and not sleeping for days on end. I tried so hard to help him, to show him I cared and that he didn’t need these things, but he was on another life train. Is there something you are struggling with enough that maybe you’re denying it as a problem to even yourself? Are people close to you pointing this out? I think it’s time to stop denying and listen to these people. Sometimes they know what’s best for you more than you do.

  Scorpio: The truth is, as I’ve expressed in my love of the Scorpio, I believe you’re the most creative genius of us all. Yet, I recently took an IQ test, answering all but two questions correctly. I boast as I say… well, you know what I mean. You’re not the only one, Scorpio. There are many other signs of genius all around you. Be your glorious little self, no less, but let someone else know that they fit in with you. Put all four of your legs in the potato sack of life, and go win that race together!

  Sagittarius:  The great Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, believed that babies become human the moment they laugh for the first time. Laughter, the pure joy he believed to  only be experienced by humankind, is what magic is made of. Often, laughter is enjoyed with other humans, even without knowing its origin of the moment. It’s so contagious. However, to laugh at oneself with such joy seems difficult. Sagittarius, it’s time to really enjoy yourself in such a way you can find the strength to laugh alone. Stand in front of a mirror and bring yourself to tears of joy.

  Capricorn: A Capricorn friend recently pointed out to me that I’ve been a little too sour in your weekly Spirit Astrology. I not only had to agree, but also saw something different in many Capricorns I know just recently. You see, to convince a Capricorn otherwise is a tough feat. Yet, for yourself to convince you otherwise is simple. You may be feeling more open to things that felt closed not long ago. Open those doors, my friend, for new endeavors full of joy and love and happiness are there for you to find. Wait for next week’s exciting outcome!

  Aquarius: So far it’s seeming like this is your year. Energy levels are high, productivity is in effect, and the future is seeming likely. This is no sense of good luck, Aquarius, but rather a shift in your mental state. The usual aloof you is learning that with a little more work, dreams do come true. Commit to this attitude in the coming weeks (or longer, if you can). I think whatever you believe to be luck, or karma, or some other energy ridden force is soon to be on your side.

  Pisces: Did you know that Helen Keller is credited with introducing the Akita breed of dog to the United States? I bet, even as a dog lover (if you are), that you didn’t know this. In my opinion, the Akita is one of the cutest dog breeds ever. It’s like this little known secret only for the true Helen Keller fan to know. I challenge you to find hidden little secrets in some of your favorite relationships. Find something that might mean a lot to a certain friend, and let them know you think this part of them is great. Allow credit where credit is due, all the while bringing cheer.

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